Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha! -1430 H-

Yeay! Raya, raya,
Erm, sempena raya haji tahun ni, as usual aku and family balik Besutlah.
Aku tak tengok pun lembu kena sembelih.120
Entah, malas pulak nak pergi belakang rumah nenek.

So, I just stayed at the living room watching my cousins and siblings playing chess, reading magazines, using the laptop.
And me, reading the book THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer.
It was boring, really.takot
So, I watched my sister-in-law and my cousin playing chess.
Fun thing to do, but I'm not really good in chess.15
So, it's better to watch, right?

Oh, Abecik and Kakcik bought me some books.86
Scary Ever After by John Ho and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
I've read the comic Scary Ever After.
I'm telling you, it's not that SCARY.08
Wuthering Heights (Bella and Edward's favourite book), still on the queue.
I need to finish THE HOST first.

Another two books, Abu Bakar as-Siddiq and Ali bin Abi Talib.
Wow, I've bought them months ago, but I haven't read them yet.
So, I just have to finish which I bought first.40
Please don't count Scary Ever After, it's just a comic.
Okay, let's stop talking about books. For now.

Raya semalam, ke rumah Wancik.
She invited everyone to eat her homemade pudding.
Acik and I went to her house to eat it.
I ate two bowls of the pudding.

Oh, nak tau?
Masa tengah boring-boring kat rumah nenek,
aku dan Acik menconteng-conteng sesuatu.
Hak hak hak.
Nak tengok hasil kami?

+ nama direka oleh Fatin Athirah +

That evening, we went back to our house in Kuala Terengganu.
Disebabkan aku tak makan banyak sangat kat Besut, laparlah pulak.
As soon as we reached home, I ate hungrily.
Wah kah kah.thj3

Later, that night we went for a supper, I think.
At Uncle Chua's Kopitiam.
Siblings only.gigi
Abelong & Kaklong, Kakngah, Abecik & Kakcik, Abang and me.
Also one of my niece, the eldest, Rabia.
The best part is..
The whole state is out of ice.18
So, I just ordered Cappucino.
Kinda like, bitter but I like it.
First time drinking it.

I, myself pun pelik kenapa tak ada ais kat Terengganu.
Then, I recalled something.108
During my class final year party, Sarah went to see the canteen's workers to order some ice.
But, pak cik kantin cakap orang dah tak hantar ais lagi.
Disebabkan penyakit taun.b415c6d4e58a3f2fa71cee971a55fbbd
And I saw the disease article on the road.
Baru teringat...

Okey, okey.
Tomorrow night I'm going to Kuala Lumpur.
Kakngah said she wanted to see her friend,
but my intention is to watch the New Moon movie.tongue
Well, I've said before (I think), I'm obsessed with the series!

I just finished watching X-Men and The Shooter.
Thrilling, dude!20090623d05
The Shooter movie made me wanna throw my head.
I don't really understand what they were discussing about.
X-Men, no comment.1243906234-122893

Can't wait to watch New Moon.kaolove
And I'm still mad with someone's doing.
Uhh, can't you even think?
You have brain, use it!16
Don't be STUPID.

Okeylah, setakat ni je dulu.
I have something to do.
Playing games maybe.bukit



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