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By Fifiey Azmi - June 05, 2010

today today and today (tiru poem shakespeare, life's brief candle tapi tukaa tomorrow) sengih
memandangkan terlalu boring arini . 
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nak jawab tag dari blog oneechan . rabbito !

soal what is your name
13 fifiey

soal a four letter word
13 four xD

soal a boy's name
13 francis (light xD)

soal a girl's name
13 freya 88

soal an occupation
13 florist

soal a color
13 fusha kaohappy

soal something you wear
13 frock 

soal a food
13 fried chicken 

soal something found in the bathroom
13 fishing rod 19.gif image by gurlofpink

soal a country
13 france 

soal a reason for being late
13 forget to bring bag kaosick

soal something you shout
13 fiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! kaocool

soal a movie title
13 fast and furious ! 11.gif image by gurlofpink

soal something you drink
13 fresh milk 

soal a musical group
13 finn and the glee club 41.gif image by gurlofpink

soal an animal
13 furry wolf kaoyesp

soal a street name
13 fifi street 26.gif image by gurlofpink

soal a type of car
13 ferrari 

soal an internet site/blogsite
13 friendster.com 

soal a song
13 fireflies 

soal a president's name
13 Francis Light (British resident actually xD)

soal a cartoon character
13 Fifi (fifi and the flower tots) 

soal name of school
13 Forks High School 

soal a sport
13 fencing 

soal a latin word
13 filia means daughter 435807fbnxzdbgby

ambiklaa kalau naakkk . 35.gif image by gurlofpink

babai ! 30.gif image by gurlofpink

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