turn around bright eyes ◕‿◕

erkk !
today i went to school with alya and sofiah .
but things wouldn't work properly ! kaonod

aiseyh ~
we need others help . 126
three of us won't do !

so we called someone to help us out tomorrow .
hope they can come !
pleasee . i hope hope hope ! 1061747e7p91zk7rt

we were trying to paint the wall with white color , but ended with the floor being white !
22.gif image by gurlofpink poor mokcik because she had to wash all of the white floor !
i'm thinking how to make the classroom become cleaner . Sparkle

Kiki my ummi said my class was miserable .

and out of sudden alya's phone went troubled .
piah's phone was missing . kaocry
and both of them were using the same phone model , nokia 5310 or something .97

ainul keeps ignoring my text message , so let's just ignore her until she came back from langkawi . sengih
sorry , ainul . ignoring you ignoring me seems perfect for the time being . 32

i am eager to watch eclipse 2010 ! 46be344c93433134705da6d51a5d3f45
there will be so much action in that movie , not just on romance only ! 88
8b0f50953592beb88c77bbcee80b6545 sofiah and alya watched the eclipse's trailers in my phone , they kinda like
oh please , don't say you're interested too ?

oh whatever bla bla bla . messy
i told them the whole story from the books , twilight , new moon , eclipse and breaking dawn .
lost a lot of my saliva there ! and i brought no drinking water . X__X

we've been thinking to have a sleepover party at my house . Sparkle
but time doesn't seem right .
we planned to do it this thursday but ainul can't come , so does ain .
all were busy having their perfect holidays !

my ummi said , "we are going to KL this july," 13.gif image by gurlofpink
41.gif image by gurlofpink i said nothing because i'm so happy !
means i can watch eclipse there ! 11.gif image by gurlofpink
hope my ummi will book the ticket for 8th July !

oh , one problem ! 
there's always a problem . bla bla bla !
my identity card is missing ! kaosick
my purse got missing last week and i don't really remember where i put it though .

everybody said it was being stolen .
but i don't think so . err , maybe it's true .
hehe . but where could it be ?

kaocry i can't go to KL if i don't have my IC .
but kakngah said it would be okay if i had my passport .
yeay ! my passport is in my ummi's hand ! kaohappy

well , i have to make another IC too .
435807fbnxzdbgby because it's important . my PMR next year and everything seems to be related with my IC .
i'll think about it later . kaohappy
the missing purse . T__T

bai ! wassalam .


  1. salam fiey !!

    sebab xlayan msg awk..nges3

    awk tau2 je lah hp sy..
    adop bateri !!!!

    seme gare2 kakak sy nak dgar lagu korea ~!!! =.=''

    wuwuwuwuwuwu..sorry yep..

    (se agi sy oleh kerane bateri adop,jadi sy hanye tidotidotidotido dan 6 kali lagi tido )

    babai !


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