interesting blog award :)


 thank and link the person who tagged you .
 cik ryna a.k.a the pink gajah :) , thanks !

 tag 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think fantastic .
 adikku sayang WAN NUR AMIRA
 kakakku tercinta SHAHIRAH AMALINA
 sahabatku fiLLah SABRINA SYARFA
 adikku jua FARHANA FILZA
 kakakku tercinta fiLLah FARAH RAIHAN
 sahabatku lagi ALYA AQILAH
 si cantik comell NURUL HUDA
 my dearest sweetheart RABBITO BONBON
 sahabatku tersayang NURUL ATIQAH
 the new blogger friend DIAN
 my new blogger friend too LORNA AHLAAMI
 the cute blogger NUR SYAFIQAH SHARMEEN
 sweety sweet blog owner NURHANI 'AFIFAH
 adikku jugaa si AYUNIE NABIEHAN
 the lucky sweet person NOOR CAHAYA

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 okay okay . saya akan lakukan :)

 state 7 things about yourself .
 fifiey a.k.a fatin athirah azmi :)
 shy shy cat ^_^
 suffer-in-silence type ;p
 love everything about twilight , merlin and mulan
 love my family and friends very very much
 missing Allah and His Prophet very much :')
 like to make new friends o(*^^*)o

okay . tata .
asalnya post ni scheduled post .
tapi kene inform tagged people pulakk .
hiihihihi .
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