tag .

so , nak buat tag .
dari Kak Ryna . atau lebih comell the pink gajah namenye . >.<
die cakap suke view blog ni sebab name walid same dengan boyfee dia .
hahaha . anyway , thanks for viewing my blog ye kak :)

 how do you unwind ?
 i'll cry alone in my room and then sleep . and hug my teddies . or even express my feelings to the teddies . :)

 what makes you cry ?
 i'm a sensitive person , so anything would break my heart so easily . ANYTHING ;(

 what makes you depressed ?
 perli ke ni ?! T__T when argentina lost 0:4 with germany . and i am still depressed with the scale 9/10 . huh ~

 what five things you cannot live without ?
 my mom , my dad , my 'ainul , my kakngah , my sofiah

 what's your worst part you couldn't change ?
 i'm sensitive . i don't like being this way , but only 'old' people understand x\

 what's your favourite phrase ?
 "hai awak ! bai awak !" =.=

 what makes you happy ?
 messi , 'ainul , alya , sabrina , sofiah , my beloved abang²

 my lucky bloggers are
 huda comell
 kak diLa
 anis minarie :)
 ain humaira

* lepas buat post ni rasa tenang sket . aku tau post kali ni emo lebih kann ? oh rabbito ! i really can't accept this fact ! >.< *

goodbye , wassalam :)


  1. messi teyh..
    emosi teyh..^^

    outside again!
    outside again!
    absolutely incredible!!

    (pa cceroh iklan lays xD)

  2. Messi !
    Messi !
    Kawan saye ckp die cm kuda.
    Messi okay,come.

    Asik2. off-side.
    Sakite haty ngn semut hitam a.k.a. germany !!
    MESSI !


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