tik tok tik tok .

i just watched Eclipse yesterday .
pretty happy and excited .

 edward cullen .
he looks just fine in this film but for several parts , he looks like a real ghost xDD

 ouhh ! * where's emmett ? *
he's chasing Victoria and accidentally crossed the territory line >.<

" you will just have to admit that I'm hotter than you , " says Jacob Black to Edward .
xDDD hotter means HOT a.k.a his body temperature .
what the LOL xDD

 he's totally gorgeous ! :)
name's Riley Biers .
somewhat he's the antagonist character -.-"

Bree Tanner ! ^__^
so cute and adorable and innocent .
been killed by the stupid Volturi clan .
demanded by that psycho Jane . >.<
hate her ! 

 listening to the old men's story .
the third wife story i think .
wanna know what story ?
read the book yourselves ;p

 ohhh i like this part when they were together !
* laughing *
why are the wolves so big ?
i'm not scared , i just love furry things xDD

 like this part , too !
fight fight ! ^__^
Paul's fur , i like its colour xDD

i like this scene , too . =.=
but they did not succeed killing Edward .
Seth killed Riley while Edward killed Victoria .
all thanks to Bella for scratching her arm and letting it bleed .


rendah sangat kann ?

i like Twilight better .
but this one is better than New Moon for its action and fighting .
* Twilight best , New Moon good , Eclipse better *

Nuri Nuri Nuri !
tersingkir Imam Muda . ;(
huu ~

tata . wassalam .


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