Day 12 - Whatever tickles your fancy

By Fifiey Azmi - October 12, 2010

Hmm . Hari ni whatever tickles my fancy ...again .

So , what should I talk about today ?

Maybe something more interesting than before ...

Okay , I've made my mind * LOL * in a second .
It's about my classmates and school .

In our class we have 30 students , called 2A2 or.. 2 Ibnu Qudamah .
We have brilliant leaders - Anwar and Sofiah .
And secretaries which I don't know what are their real responsibilities .

But for sure we have two functioning 'bendahari' who collect class money every month .
* does bendahari says treasurer in English ? *
Apparently they are not machines , but they are functioning well though :)

The class is located on the third floor which means what ?
We have to climb the mountain of stairs everyday .
That doesn't include our journey from the front gate yet .

And everyday we have to walk from our class to science lab , ERT room and so on .
But we don't mind anymore , 'cause we are used to it .

My observation : I don't know the exact reason to have secretaries ?

Oh well , right . I forgot about the class' list .
And my job - to accompany Sofiah wherever she goes , for the class .

I think Anwar made a good leadership , though .
No matter how weak he thinks of himself , but we respect him .
Once he was kinda give up of being our leader ,
but leaving that position to one that is irresponsible is not a good idea either .

During some tazkirah session , he often reminded us about trust .
A job well done , monitor !

Sofiah - she's the best assistant monitor I'd ever had .
One , she is my best buddy . Two , her attitude makes us feel comfortable .
If Anwar was busy with something else , she would be in charge .

And she has a lot of courage and self-confidence and charisma to talk in front of classmates .
I respect her because I can't really do what she can do .

Furthermore , she is very very very responsible .
Anyone may not realize that one good manner of her ,
but I do .

I feel very protected under these two's leadership .

And I present to you these bunch of people :)

Aimi : Clever and smart and cute and innocent and nice .
Nadhirah : Clever and loves to laugh and sometimes as evil as me xD
'Ainul : Always laughing and talkative and very confident and nice and everything :D
Auni : Intelligent and nice and funny and good .
Sakinah : Nice and clever and smart and sometimes funny .
Ain : Always laughing and cute and fun and funny . * fun and funny have their own meanings *
Aina : Clever in Maths and nice and always smiling .
Syazwani : Quiet and nice and fun .
Syafiqah : Talkative and fun and nice and clever .
Nadira : Fun and talkative and interesting and clever .
Afiqah : Interesting and clever and nice .
Zahra : Nice and smart and cute .
Sofiah : Nice and funny and funny and funny and great and brilliant and everything :)
Sarah : Funny and fierce and interesting and clever and everything :)
Alya : Fussy and funny and always laughing and nice and everything :)
Sabrina : Brilliant and fun and nice and everything :)

Fadlan : Quiet and non-talkative * same meaning lorrr *
Farid : Talkative and funny
Fathullah : Quiet and talkative ( ? )
Zulfadli : Quiet ...
Adam : Quiet ...
Amir Khair : Loud
Amir Arif : Quiet but ignorant
Anwar : Quiet and quiet and mysterious
Ariff Luqman : Loud and funny
Faisal : Talkative and noisy xDD
Abdul Rahman : Mysterious
Amirul Amir : Intelligent , brilliant , clever ( anything else ? )
Syaukani : Talkative and funny LOL

There are so much to talk about them because all of them are interesting .
'Cause I know my story isn't interesting as theirs .

But I really love my class .
We'll be separated again for next year .
Unless if we do our bests in the coming examination !

Good luck to all of you , 2A2 students !


Till then :)

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