Day 13 - A fictional book

Talking about fiction - most of the kindergarten kids are so excited .
Fairy tales actually , with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Snow White .

It's just the same .
Aku pun pernah melalui saat-saat kegemilangan bersama buku fiksyen .
Sampai sekarang , still fictional - Twilight and Fallen .
Mana ada vampires dan angels segala bagai yang bercinta dengan manusia ?

See ? Siri bahan bacaan fiksyen ni memang terkenal di serata dunia .
Kalau takde memang semua orang akan dibebani dengan masalah .
Well , apparently books are a method to release tension .

These are the fictional books I had .
No ~ I'm not lying . I didn't said I ONLY had these LOL

There are some other books around but I'm just in the mood to snap pictures , so I searched for the above pictures in this laptop .

Nak tahu sejarah sebenar aku meminati Twilight ?
At first aku benci gilaa dengan Twilight sebab 'seseorang' .
Tapi aku cuba tak berdendam - and now I've forgotten about her .

And then when Kakngah bought the CD , she watched it with Kakak .
I tried to sneak a peek LOL
And I kept asking questions everybody didn't know .

Lastly , I found the story quite interesting * instead of Bella's stupidity xDD * .
My cousin , Acik , left her Twilight book at my house .
So I took it and read it .

And then we went to KL , and I bought all of the series LOL
Finished them in two weeks .
Read Breaking Dawn twice . I planned to read all of them again .
PMR next year T_______________________T

Okay okay , I don't want to burden my thoughts thinking about THAT .
PMR next year ? I just realized ! >.<
* oh please stop -.- *

Chow dulu .

BAII , wassalam :)


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