Day 15 - A fanfic

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Oh yeah . Today I will be making a fanfic . Just simple .
Don't want it to be too complicated .

Arthur was having a stroll at the park near the castle. Suddenly Merlin showed up out of nowhere.

Merlin : Hey, hey Arthur!
Arthur : What's up?
Merlin : Nothing. Hey, hey Arthur!
Arthur : What is it?
Merlin : Just playing around.
Arthur : Stop it.
Merlin : I want to show you something.

Merlin then took out an orange. Then, he smiled. The orange suddenly talked!

Orange : Hey, hey you!
Arthur : @#$%^&*()_+?!?!
Orange : What are you?
Arthur : I'm a human, apparently!
Orange : Hey, hey human!
Arthur : Humans have names. If you call me human, then what would you call him? Bloodsucker?

Arthur pointed his finger to Merlin. Merlin frowned.

Orange : Hey, hey human!
Merlin : You're annoying. I regret plucking you from the tree.
Orange : I'm not annoying. I'm an orange.
Orange : Hey, hey human!
Merlin : Do someone here has a knife?
Orange : KNIFE !!!!!!!!!
Arthur : I do have a sword. A SHARP one.

Arthur appeared an evil smile. Merlin was checking his pockets for knife. Out of the blue, Edward Cullen was there - with Emmet by his side.

Orange : Hey you two!
Edward : Who? Us?
Orange : What are you? Morons?
Emmet : Watch your mouth, dude.
Edward : We're vampires. Real ones.
Orange : Can I call you vampies? Hey, hey vampies! Sounds like babies.
Arthur : Shut up you idiot orange.
Orange : I'm not an idiot orange, I'm just an orange.
Merlin : Duh. I should not bring him along.

Orange laughed. The others frowned.

Orange : What are your names, humans and vampies?
Emmet : I hate you calling me that.
Edward : I'm Edward.
Orange : Uuuuu... The vampy next to you must be Eddie!
Emmet : It's Emmet.
Orange : Hey, hey Eddie!
Emmet : Uh.
Orange : Humans, hey humans!
Arthur : What is it?!
Merlin : I'm Merlin.
Orange : Didn't ask for your name. Hahaha.
Merlin : I'm going back to the castle.
Edward : What for?
Merlin : To fetch a knife, so that we could eat this moron over here.
Edward : Could I have a bite?
Arthur and Merlin and Emmet : NO!!!
Orange : Why not? Vampies can't eat oranges?

Arthur and Merlin glanced over Edward. His idea was seriously ridiculous.

Merlin : If you bite this orange, he will go immortal. Do you want him to be alive with his annoying attitude?
Emmet : Absolutely NO!
Edward : Well, I don't mind.

Arthur started to take out his sword.

Merlin : It's such a waste, Arthur. Edward is immortal. He's a vampy little baby-face!
Edward : Why are you so irritating than the orange?
Merlin : I'm not!
Orange : Nananananana! You'd better run, Merlin! Vampies are dangerous to human! They BITE.
Merlin : Shut up you, you...moron!
Arthur : Enough already. When are you going to get the knife, Merlin?
Merlin : Yes, sir!

Merlin ran as fast as he could to the castle. Emmet was smelling the aroma - apparently to get some grizzly bears.

Emmet : I'm thirsty, Edward.
Edward : I'm hungry. Can I eat the orange?
Emmet : Are you out of your mind?
Edward : Why do we keep asking each other without answering any of them?!
Arthur : Could you please keep quiet? I heard someone's footsteps.

It was durian. He was smiling. Orange looked at him with a weird expression.

Orange : Wow! What are you?
Durian : I'm a durian!
Orange : You're thorny!
Durian : Hey orange. You're orange.
Orange : Hey durian, you're thorny...and green.
Durian : Whatever.
Orange : Where are you from?
Durian : Where are you from?
Orange : I asked you first.
Durian : Okay.

Durian didn't answer orange's question. For the first time orange felt annoyed by this thorny fruit.

Emmet : So, how come you're not afraid of us? We bite.
Arthur : You just bite grizzly bears and mountain lions. Why do I have to be afraid?
Edward : Good one, prince.
Emmet : What if I bite you in case there was no grizzly bears and mountain lions?
Arthur : My blood is bitter and not tasty at all.
Edward : I've sensed that already.

Emmet sighed. Arthur chuckled - an evil one. Edward suddenly smelled something...

Emmet : The smell...
Edward : It's sweet.
Emmet : And delicious. Yummy!
Arthur : Oh, maybe it's Kim Hyun Joong's.

Kim Hyun Joong showed up. Emmet and Edward were statued. Merlin was back, too. He held a knife.

Orange : NO!!!! KNIFE!!!!
Durian : Knife can't kill me. YES!
Orange : Merlin, please don't kill me with the knife.
Merlin : I won't. I figured out you are tastier to eat than to chop. Hey, who's that beside you?

Merlin saw the durian. It was a weird fruit.

Arthur : He showed up out of nowhere. I wonder where this fruit came from.
Emmet : I want BLOOD!
Edward : I smelled two fragrances here... To keep it fair, I take one. You take the other one.

Emmet started to attack Kim Hyun Joong, while Edward wouldn't let Merlin go. Arthur was shocked with those two.

Arthur : WAIT!!! What if I tell Carlisle about you two?

Emmet stopped. So did Edward. They thought, Carlisle must be disappointed with their doings.

Merlin was relieved. Kim Hyun Joong knew nothing, so he just relaxed.

Merlin : How come you are so relaxed, Hyun Joong?
Hyun Joong : What's the worst they can do?
Merlin : They BITE. You'll be a vampy, then. Immortality, drinking humans' blood...become a monster. A killer!
Hyun Joong : Could we kill them?
Merlin : No.
Hyun Joong : Why not?
Arthur : Why are you so slow? They would kill us first.
Emmet : You got that right, prince.


Orange : Yay! I won't be chopped off!

Merlin then cut the orange into pieces. The durian was shocked.

Durian : Wow, dude! He was your friend.
Merlin : My friend doesn't irritate a lot like him.
Arthur : My servant does.
Merlin : Oh, please. You're annoying than me.
Edward : I can see that.
Emmet : Yeah.
Hyun Joong : What are you talking about? I don't understand.
Emmet : Wow. He is slow.

Durian walked slowly far from the humans and vampires. He was planning to head back from where he came from, Malaysia. But, durians couldn't be brought in a was he going to get back? Durian didn't have wings.

:) That's it. BAII !


  1. WHAT A WACKY STORY! From Merlin, to Twilight, to Annoying Orange, to Hyoon Joong..I simply love it. :)

  2. LOL..
    Kim hyun joong tu mmg sah 4D betul..
    lawak giler fanfic ni. tak leh bla hahahahahaha

  3. hahaha.
    tibe tibe ade lak hyun joong.
    LOL! xD

  4. cecece,fifiey,list org hk awk minat lake ke ow??pecoh rahsia yg x berape nk rahsia XDDD

  5. LOL~sgt funny ok!
    suka sgt story neh!

  6. kihkihkih. kelakar sgt! =D sokong Kak Siti Maisarah Zulhilmi. ;)


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