Day 29 - Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Today's topic is tough . LALALA ~ I do have everything in mind , so I'm going to list them here . Read carefully . Don't get fooled ( ? ) .

Hopes for the next 365 days
  • 9A in PMR , inshaAllah .
  • Long-lasting friendship with 'Ainul , Sofiah , Alya and Sabrina
  • Get good results in all the examination and tasks and quizzes
  • Be a nice daughter and a good Muslim
  • Meeting Maher Zain once again and get his autograph
Dreams for the next 365 days
  • becoming a healthy girl
  • having a holiday doing umrah
  • going on a holiday with the whole family
  • a new handphone
  • a DSLR
  • an iPhone
Plans for the next 365 days
  • Study , study and play !
  • Manage time wisely
  • Preparing for PMR
  • Preparing for death
  • Doing revision with friends together
  • Paying more attention in class

I don't expect much to all of this but I will try . I love myself , so I want me to succeed in the future . I don't want to be weak and sick anymore . I'm strong .

Everything happens for a reason . I know I will try . We must know our destination , or else we won't reach the place we are going . Trust me .

If we're going to Canada , we must head for it . We can't take the plane to India , we must go straight to Canada . If we don't know where we are going , what would happen if the plane landed on Jupiter ?




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