To all of you , Alicia especially :)

Takde ke watak di atas dalam TAO ? up.png image by gurlofpinkup.png image by gurlofpinkup.png image by gurlofpink Haha . Kalau ada mesti aku menyampah gila sebab mata dia over yokk =.=" . Ahh biarlahh diaa .

Today I got back from school late . Around 6 o'clock in the evening , because my dad had a meeting with the school management today . He is one of the PIBG's member . The meeting ended at 5.30 in the evening and my dad said they skipped many of the topics .

And a friend accompanied me as she wanted to study with me , but we didn't study anything at all from 3 to 4.30 p.m. because we ate for 30 minutes and prayed for 30 minutes . The other 30 minutes we used to buy food outside the school .

We took a nice place at the canteen . We really wanted to study Geography but there were no Geography books around . I prefer Geography Form 1 as it is harder and I almost remembered 3/4 of the text book * LOL * .

So , I searched for my Science note and started 'interviewing' her with no purpose like asking her name , IC number , age and so on . We got so bored that we almost screamed . * she did the screaming LOL *

I sent her home . Err , my dad sent her home - with me sitting beside him in the car LOL . We didn't sigh or anything because we knew that even if we got home early , we wouldn't study . It's not fun studying alone . Like I said , " Three is a crowd , two is good , one is lazy . " * ROTF *

I won't be online starting tomorrow , inshaAllah . My exam starts this Wednesday and will end on the Wednesday next week . Please pray for me ! Good luck all of you :)

To Alicia ,
I'm sorry I didn't have time to visit you . I will visit your blog after my final exam . Promise ! I like your posts but I didn't have the time . I'm so sorry if I've offended you . We'll be real best buddies after this . I love you :)

I need to go now . Will be keeping my laptop in the closet . HAHA :)



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