Twilight on CSI : Miami ?

Shocking news , eh ?

It's TRUE !

BooBoo Stewart ( portraying the character Seth - Leah's brother and the youngest wolf in the pack in the Twilight Saga ) was in CSI : Miami recently !

Well , I supposed I'm the last one to know about this because the episode was aired on 18th January 2010 . It was like ... Four days after my birthday ? * LOL *

Jacob-to-be . Oh my ... He's like the young version of Jacob Black . Maybe his eyes . Or maybe his attitude , but he is more ... more ... fascinating ? He's another a-job-well-done of Stephenie Meyer's .

Seth Clearwater , has a sister named Leah - who is the only female wolf in the pack . Later , she joined Jacob's pack , with Embry, Quil and her own brother, Seth . So that she would be away from Sam Uley , her ex-soul mate.

Whatever . I'm not going to tell you the whole story . Go get the books at ANY stores all over the world or maybe you could borrow it from your friends ? Up to you .

Actually , I'm starting to watch CSI : Miami recently because I just realized that I admire the mystery cases . Not that ghosts story , but this detective-like story . I always love Detective Conan .

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy because I can't see blood . * oh my how are you going to be a doctor fifiey !!! * Or any medical-involve stories . AHHH .

Guess I don't really like CSI : New York and CSI . Maybe because there is no Horatio ? * LOL *

Oh yeah . Then I watched the Amazing Race Asia which I am very proud of the Malaysian contestants to be the first one to reach the end . YAY Ethan and Khairie !

I don't like the way the two Philippines' girls said bad things about Malaysians . Thank God they were fourth . And I felt annoyed with those two pig-catching xDDD contestants , Richard and Richard T_____T because of their names , of course .
* seriously dude , I laughed all the way when they were catching pigs xDDD *

Oh , Manas and his fellow were out of the race as they reached the end last . YAY FOR HUSSEIN AND NATASHA !

I didn't know which season was it , I just found the picture on the Internet . OPNW !

AND THEN I WATCHED A MOVIE . The title is Orphan . A mysterious and psychic story -.- . I hate all of them except for Max and Daniel . Their father was completely an idiot GRRRR .

That was Esther . Oh whatever . She was annoying , psycho and everything !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA . I don't really like her character . * no other comments *

That was Max ! She's adorable isn't she ? She couldn't talk .

That's all I was going to say . HAHA . I was about to watch some more movies for the rest of the week , but I forgot about the examination LOL .



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