Dumped .

Finally , for crying out loud . >.<" !

Missing the moments with my laptop because the Internet got crazy and all that blah blah blah . Until my brother came back this evening and it eventually worked out .

Oh , I hate it when you do the missing-my-brother-or-your-big-master-of-all-even-though-my-parents-who-paid-the-bills . * sighed *

And me ? The loyal 'servant' of yours using you everyday being dumped for days !

Oh , sorry 'bout the babbling . It's just the Internet . Totally fixed , I guess =.=" .

Just finished reading Torment . Like a couple of hours ago .


Augh ! September 2011 ?! That's a long way to go and I'm gonna be thirsty for the next book , PASSION ! Oh well , like I am the bloodsucker drinking animals blood . LOL

I am soooo into this series . The Twilight Saga will end soon in 2011 , and 2012 will be the year Fallen movie will be released , I think . Just a quick look on the Internet about the movie .

I hate Lauren Kate . She's just making it difficult for me to patiently wait for her next novel . The ending of Torment was like ........ Luce disappeared ? Oh great . Now Daniel had to do is search for his love .

And I really hate the Outcasts as much as I hate the Volturi . But seriously , the Outcasts were even more creepier . They had white eyes , all white , with no pupil and ALL ! >.<"

Okay , semalam aku tengok last episode of Mini-siri Ponti Anak Remaja . And Kamal ( Azlee Khairi ) was gorgeous =.=" but he didn't have to be totally-Edward-wearing-the-red-lipstick so much . xDD

So lately ni aku agak demam sikit entahlah kenapa . Biarlah kadang-kadang nak jugak rasa sakit , asyik sihat je . Haha . Tapi alhamdulillah , dah sihat sikit . Batuk di tahap normal .

Okay kepada semua umat Islam seluruh dunia , Salam 'Idul Adha . Selamat 'ghebbang' ! And share the moments with your beloved ones okay . Daging-daging 'ghebbang' tu , jangan lupakan mereka yang memerlukan :)

Ghebbang stands for korban in the normal-people-language . Ghebbang is the language for extraordinary-awesome-people-of-Terengganu . * laughs * Actually I just knew the word from Sofiah's conversation with Walid xDDD

Tapi raya ni maybe tak meriah sangat walaupun tahun ni Ummi dan Walid 'ghebbang' . Tahun lepas tak pun , tapi dekat rumah nenek ada , so balik rumah nenek jelah .

Tahun ni tak balik kampung , duduk kat rumah ni jelah . And I'm very sure I will be stuck in this room , well , at least , after the feast =.=" . Sebab Abang seorang je yang balik raya haji tahun ni .

Yang lain ? In Kuala Lumpur of course . Sebenarnya cousin aku nak kahwin 20 something ni , so diorang semua akan balik time sepupu aku kahwin lahh . That's why kena save cuti ni . =.="

Takpelah , aku tak boleh buat apa pun . Duduk diam depan laptop ini je .

" Hey , Edward . "
" Yes ? "
" Do you know how much I hate you ? "
" Surprisingly , no . How much ? "
" I don't really know myself . "
* LOL *

Special dedication to Mai
Hai Mai . Aii , followers dah memintas Fifiey ye ? Takpelaa , nanti lepas ni Fifiey pergi bomoh xDDD Okay gurauuu ! Semoga menjadi blogger yang berjaya . Nanti kalau followers dah cecah 1000 promote blog Fifiey okay ? xDDD

p/s : I got 7A's 2B's and ranking 35 over 245 form two students . In class ? 19/30 * duh * . And guess what ? Only nine of my classmates are going to be seated in 3A2 next year , while the others in 3A1 . Not to mention two classmates in 3A3 . Guess more ? I'm 3A2 , freaking me .


  1. wuyooo ada special message lah.
    first things first, DON'T EVER BOMOH ME. ;p

    thanks, i'll always promote your blog! sama-sama kita berjaya! ~~

    feeling pulak. XD


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