Splendid - is it ?


Hmm . Jadi hari ni untuk kali keempat aku post entries . Haish ~ Al maklumlah , dah tak ada kerja lain nak buat . Lucky enough that some bloggers tagged and gave me awards =.=" * so that I have something to blog about *

Sincerely from : tomatokering addict :D
* serious comell tajuk blog dia and her blog :) *

 apakah pandangan korang tentang blog tomatokering ni ? 
Comell , cute and funny . First time bukak , tergelak-gelak tengok header :)

 ceritakan sikit pengalaman sweet korang ? 
Sweet ? Banyak , tapi maybe paling sweet right now is given the chance to read Fallen and Torment and get to know Luce and Daniel and Cam and - I'm talking too much ! AND ! Watching Merlin every seconds T.T

 apa impian korang dalam hidup ? 
Nak jadi doktor yang berjaya , nak sambung pelajaran kat Ireland in medic . Lagi ? Nak belajar banyak bahasa such as Arab , Jepun , Cina , Spanish , French , Italy and so on .

 is it possible for you ? 
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart :)

 do you love me ? 

I love everyone in my life , especially the ones who are kind ^^

Thanks Miss Tomatokering sebab bagi tag . Haha ~ I did sound pathetic for a while , duhhh ! And really have nothing to do except for sleeping , blogging , watching Merlin and searching for Twilight pictures * since Fallen had not yet been released as a movie * and reading Fallen all over again .

Good night and have a pleasant day , dear bloggers !


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