Oh man . It's a long way to go .

Assalamualaikum dear lovers X( I'm so sorry for not updating this blog for the whole freaking week !

I just steal some of my precious moments to find something for my homework but end up writing this T.T Okay I've betrayed my own.... time . That doesn't matter ( actually it does I'm freaking out here ) . I miss this blog so much XOXOXOXO

And I ignored this laptop for days , and I'm going to keep doing that for the rest of this year . I'm typing in a rush because I need to go to sleep fast . Tomorrow's schooling okay and I'm not going to wake up late and ending up being scold by my sister =_____=

I have some time , I used it to read the last novel I bought , Crescendo since I wasn't planning on reading it last week . Well , I'm into English novels so much these days and I think I AM obsessed . I need it every week !

My week would go on like confusion if I didn't have any English novels to read .



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