Award for you , beloved followers .

Assalamualaikum okay this is the last post for today and maybe for this month =___= Maybe I would be online on the weekends , I don't really think so . Somehow , just wait until the holiday in March , okay ? And as for my last post I want to give my followers a present :)

Okay I know this blog has a disabled-click mouse , so just click on the picture and save ! You may put it in your blog or whatever . My current name is Cik Milo Mermit ( Merlin + Mitchell ) . Hahaha :) Stay tuned to know more nicknames of me ! I just loooove creating names , which is of course, just for me . Hehe .

Korang edit-lah gambar tu letak nama korang and URL blog korang . Kalau korang rajinlaaah , tapi siapalah yang nak ambik award nih . Saja je =______= Hukhukhuk . Just comment this post and leave the entries' links for me to go and see and comment you back ! Senang sikit aku nak blog walking :) And I need to follow more people . Hee ~

And while I'm away , I have asked someone to guard my blog . It's Mitchell , scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see ! * evil face and laughs * Be aware and no copycats allowed or else Mitchell's eyes will get darker and all-black ! I know I'm imagining things , but it's the best I can think of :P



  1. Babe, I amik award you tu taw hehe ni link ;


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