Happy birthday , beloved sweetheart :)

Assalamualaikum  Yes , people say CHOCOLATE represents LOVE and I have tried to express my love for you . It's not a romantic feeling , but in some ways the feeling is just for you . As if I were born just to love you ? Maybe yes ...or maybe not ? Oh well you know it better when I gave 'it' to you :)

Today is 4th February in the year 2011 . Yeah , by all means it's Chinese New Year and well , I don't celebrate it , so don't bother =___= If I really wanted to wish Happy Chinese New Year ( and even made a special post about the celebration ) , I would do it yesterday . Hello ! I'm not Chinese , I'm Malay and plus plus plus , I'm a Muslim !

I decided to blog about this earlier but then I didn't have the mood to switch on this laptop . I came up with the idea of watching Being Human online , then I thought maybe it would be nice just to post this entry for someone whom I cared the most . Well , one of the most-cared . It must be hard entering a new stage of life , right ? Um , a new stage of life is not 'transforming into a vampire' or even 'a werewolf' or anything .

It's just , a new stage of life ! You get older and older and older ! I know everyone's aging , but we have different birth dates , don't we ? As for me , I was born in January , so what ? I'm still younger than any of those who were born in 1995 , am I right ? Err , maybe I'm talking too much right now when I have something more important to tell .

생일 축하합니다! 당신은 나이가 있어요! , 'Ainul Munirah!
* awok Google Translate jelah =.=" *

Welcome to the club , 'Ainul ! Persatuan Orang Tua 15 Tahun T_____________T Attention , attention ! We have a new member :)) Haha . It's okay to be old * ayat penyedap hati * . Almaklumlah saye ni orang yang lebih makan garam bab-bab ketuaan nih . So , if you need some help and advice , don't bother seeing me ! Tapi dop gok ah sebab saye kang suke ngarowt sket , jadi awok tanye orang lain ah :P

Semoga awak sentiasa di dalam keredhaan-Nya . Saya saaaaayang awak ! * bukan ayat bodek semata-mata tapi kalau awok nok bagi cokelat sikit dakpe gop :P * Ekekeke . Semoga tahun ni lebih baik daripada tahun lepas dan semoga tahun ni awak boleh bersabar dengan kerenah saya yang suka emosi tanpa sebab apabila sebut tentang novel-novel Inggeris yang saya gilai T____T




  1. Thanks Fieyyy !
    ceehhh..Alya jeles kekgi ni,
    awok wat post special untuk saye xDDD


    Officially joined: Persatuan Orang Tua 15 Tahun -.-

    takpe,age doesnt matter,! xD
    jiwa kita mude gop -.-''

    Ni : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8204hdoiuk8

    *terase tue pulop gune "lady" >.<


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