Random Twilights .

Breaking Dawn WolfpackinVC001 560x369 The Wolf Pack Out And About In Vancouver alex meraz

The wolves are back 

Breaking Dawn Rob VF 560x781 Scans Of Robert Pattinson In Vanity Fair!  robert pattinson

What the hell is wrong with this Cullen =.=

Breaking Dawn Actor+Gil+Birmingham+arrives+Vancouver+continue+gP9kjdf8tkpl Gil Birmingham Has Arrived In Vancouver! breaking dawn vancouver set

Wasn't Billy Black supposed to be paralyzed ? xD

Oh no . What had happened to our wolf ? * laughs *

Breaking Dawn EdwardC Breaking Dawn Filming News: Robert Pattinson On Set In Vancouver! breaking dawn filming news

On set in Vancouver  Oh Cullen ! xD

Breaking Dawn Ashley+Greene+Arriving+Vancouver+International+HKMp6KLoCTol Ashley Greene Arrives In Vancouver To Begin Filming Breaking Dawn! ashley greene

Our Alice , well , probably she's not in Wonderland =.=

Breaking Dawn normal JW JoeAshleydinnerLA 022411 HQ 021 560x447 New Pics: Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas Out For Dinner! ashley greene

Oh man ! This Cullen is just so beautiful ! With her boyfriend , Joe Jonas T.T

Breaking Dawn Kiowa+Gordon+Bronson+Pelletier+Kiowa+Gordon+x9nKZg Dfycl New Pictures Of Bronson Pelletier & Kiowa Gordon Out & About In Vancouver! bronson pelletier

Sorry , this wolf is mine . Embry ! xDDD

Breaking Dawn 9utr Peter Facinelli Tweets A Pic Of His New Shades! peter facinelli

Look at the Cullen's Dad . No wonder the children are freaks xD

Question : When will Breaking Dawn trailer be out ?
Come on . It's 2011 and we're almost reaching the first half semester .

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