Catching Fire and...fever =.="

Assalamualaikum readers B-) I'm missing this blog. Actually, everyday I watched this blog, but didn't have the feeling to post new entries... :D And I've stopped reading novels. After Red Riding Hood, I stopped for a while. There are seven books unread left, so I think I'm going to read them one by one in month by month T.T

I don't know if it works or not :P

Until PMR is over, 172 days to go =___= But I don't think I will stand doing that. Pitiful. I'm just going to finish all of those books in just one month. Yeah, my lovee thinks so, too. The other lovees also don't believe I would do that. Oh man, they don't even give me supports! >.<

I caught a fever the day before yesterday, out of sudden T.T I'm so sick. I had no voice this morning =___=" My body temperature almost reaches Jacob's XD Heyyyy kidding yo! But I didn't go see the doctor, maybe because I often eat apples (???). Hey, do you remember this words;
An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Okay I don't know why I'm like this =___=. Never mind me. I'm going to tell ya about my class's sale, which was quite dizzying and making me feel like throwing up. Because, seriously, I don't like business! Yeah, I forgot I already mentioned it in the previous post. But in the end, I was on duty although my name was not even on the duty list T___T

'Ainul, too. She was having the same thing >.<

But luckily, we enjoyed being on duty. After that, I went dizzy and could not even concentrate on what I was doing. I couldn't even SLEEP! At school, of course. When I got home, "Swoosh!" I dumped myself on the bed and Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Yeah, pity me =.="

That was yesterday. Today, I was on duty too. I had to speak out loud due to my voice's disappearance T.T And my voice was...different. The boys were being very helpful!!! I kept laughing seeing them on duty XD Their slow-motion. And not to say, motionless. I like the way they make funny scenes XDDD

They always asked that and this. After that, it was either they would smile or laugh. I don't get the 'laughing' part, though =.='. They were making ice-cream float so gentle, with the least effort. Sakinah said, "You put the ice-cream only a bit!" then I protested, "They're doing that to save the ice-cream! We don't have any left!"

Then, of course we laughed. XD

Yesterday, the boys were the last to be on duty. They packed things and brought all of it to the class, for the first time, without instructions from the girls zzzzz. Then they handed me the money bag. Whoa! I was so delighted to see they had already arrange the money in order! Thumbs up!

When all was over, there were some ice-cream left, so we divided for each of us. I forgot that my classmates are big fans of ice-cream! Of course after that, there was none left. All zero-zero. We counted the money and satisfied of our own efforts. Yeah, it's worth it.

We joked around after that :D

Sorry, I can't write more. I'm still having a fever and flu. Just now, a fish bone got stuck at my throat. It was @#$%^&*()!!! It hurts, okay! Then I threw up. I feel very sick already. I need to sleep. I've already read half of I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

You don't know who is Pittacus Lore?
Pittacus Lore is a Lorien elder who was entrusted with the story of the Lorien Nine. His whereabouts are unknown.


Okay goodbye then.



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