I'm not really happy D;

Assalamualaikum and nice day, everyone! I was thinking about neglecting this blog (hehehehe) but then when I heard the song in my blog, my finger clicked the New Post button. Yeah, I know the song had nothing to do with me writing a new post T___T

Just trying to joke around.

The mood went down today. I hate it when it comes to depression, plus, if everyone keeps pressuring me for no reasons. I felt like Lissa (in the Vampire Academy novel), the difference that I didn't cut myself. Glad I didn't do that ==".

Oh yes, he is the one that can make me happy. Well, when I see his smiling face, I feel like smiling too! He's too cute to ignore :D Even when he's acting crazy, he is still cute! Alyaaaa! I miss Merlin! Not MPSB :D Well maybe a bit. Haven't meet the guy for a long time :)

The other thing that makes me happy is...novel :D So please excuse me as I'm going to go read it.

I never understand why people have to express their expression on the Internet EXTREMELY. Well, it's not wrong expressing feelings, but don't go overboard. It might make others feel offended. One day when they got their revenge on you, wow, you wouldn't be happy.

Yeah, I'm speaking to myself too.



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