Let's learn about eggs T.T

Assalamualaikum. Today's entry will be short and simple due to me covered in egg yolk this morning T__T And I smelled like an egg the whole day. Oh man, that made my head spinning. Surely, Sofiah's head was also rotating like a ball (I think so XD). And everyone kept calling me, "Telur."

Hey, my name is not MELUR! Then, classmates of 3A1 gave me a new name, 'roti canai'. Apparently, no reasons at all but then they told me that 'roti canai' in Arabic is 'fatiirah' and uh, well, I admit it sounds like my full name. Then I said, "Do not call me roti canai telur, that's it." In the end, Sofiah called me with the name. =.="

Credits to Kak Ryna (ThePinkGajahStory). I took this picture from one of her entries. Yeah, well, I'm still pissed off with the egg yolk. I think I won't eat eggs for this upcoming weeks. I got sick of it. Can't blame anyone, though, 'cause I spilled it on my tudung myself.

You really have no idea how 'yellow' my tudung was.
Luckily, the pipe was nearby, so I washed my tudung there.

With people coming and going, stopping and asking the same questions. "Hey, what are you doing?!", "What's wrong with your tudung?" etc.

At last I cleared the egg yolk, so my tudung went white again. Yeay! But I could not take the smell off my tudung. I just let it be. I was also afraid that it might affect others, people beside me, in front of me, at the back. Well, what could I do? I hope they didn't smell it (except for Sofiah XD).

So, my class is REALLY going to hold on a sale on this Usahawan Muda Day. The boys went to book a site for the class, but we were turned down, there were no sites left. After Zohor, Alif told me that we could book a site, so I gave him the money -,-'

Although this picture has nothing to do with the story of holding a sale, but I insist to put it here because Bella Swan is cuteeeeeeeeeee in this picture! ILYILYILY! And, of course, our Edward Cullen is always charming, startling, amazing, dazzling etc. Oh please stop. I feel like throwing up =="

After that, we (girls) discussed about the food we're going to sell. I was not very helping, I didn't know what to say or suggest. Lastly, 'Ainul called over Syaukani to talk to him about the sale. Well, she was just calling, I was the one who did the talking =_____=

"During the sale, boys should bring some drinks..." I said.
He was just standing there with his serious face, then replied, "Okay.."
"What drinks, eh?" I asked 'Ainul to my side.
She mouthed, "Carbonated," and I nodded.
"Eight bottles of carbonated drinks and four containers of ice-cream. Please bring the four BIG containers, not small. We're going to do some ice-cream float!" I told him. Err, well, the last sentence was made up, I didn't really say it XD

He was shocked to hear the 'eight bottles' and 'four containers' and went back to his fellows. 'Ainul laughed, and then I couldn't help laughing, too. Finally, I was at my place with my straight face. 'Ainul came and asked me whether Syaukani had told his friends or not.

I didn't know, so I shut up. He was right in front of me (to the left).

"Ask him." I told 'Ainul.

'Ainul asked him and he asked everyone around him =___=. They asked for money, then 'Ainul said;

"Buy with your money first, after the sale, you can claim your money back if you want," with sad tone.

Then, I took out RM20 of the class money and put it on the table, which I meant to give them. But they denied it, and I was like, "Okay, that was kind. Yeay! I still have the class money!" but I said that to myself with pursed mouth =___=.

Yeah, I will act like a duck when I'm not in a good mood.

Yeah, sort of like the duck up there. But I'm not that cute. Aww ~ This duck is worth the mouth (???). Hahaha ~ I like ducks these days. Keep saying them without motives XD

Oh and yes, I read about Being Human Season 3 on the Internet and was a little bit down T___T My Mitchell died >.< And there will be Season 4 without Aidan Turner (Mitchell) in it. So, obviously I won't watch it! HUH!!!

Then, I read about the-book-I-went-to-buy-in-KL-but-it-was-not-released-yet's plot. I was like (X_____X) I could not accept that! No! No! No! Sebastian a.k.a Jonathan could not be inside Jace's! * crying like a baby * And SIMON would not do that to Clary! Uwaaaa!

Who's Lilith, anyway? =="

I can't wait for The Infernal Devices Book Two, Clockwork Prince. And the rest of the other The Mortal Instruments series. I hope I could go to the future and read the books, then I came back here when I already knew the plot XD And hope it would not disappoint me.

Oh my! Henry Lazar is exactly charming like Edward Cullen! Ugh, I hate thinking of Valerie's rejection towards him :( According to Twilight characters, Henry is Edward, Valerie is uh, Bella and Peter is Jacob. The difference is, Valerie chooses Peter over Henry, and she is definitely NOT in love with Henry, TOO.

I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter! I don't like him being Peter!

Ugh! He's not suitable for the cast of Peter. What? You don't know his name? It's Shiloh Fernandez. Okay, perhaps not so famous like Robert Pattinson -,- Wrong comparison partner, hehe. I like Max Irons a.k.a Henry! He's kind and good :D Like EC =_____=

The story's ending is quite irritating T.T And my hypothesis is right, Peter IS Jacob. Maybe if they decided to make a sequel for the story, Henry would come back with more surprise. Maybe glitters on his bare skin, UNDER THE SUN? Stop dreaming. Duh!

T____________T His face is ALWAYS innocent!!! I wonder why???

I'm showing you this picture because there will be Merlin Season Four! Oh yeahh! Oh yeahh! Oh yeahh! I like this! Screw Shiloh, screw Peter! Screw CoFA * err probably not XD *! Screw everything and let's wait for his return! Yes, Merlin WILL return. Weeeeeeee ~

Hey, know something? I didn't update my blog last week because I was having an exam. And I got some of the results, not disappointing, but some of them destroyed my mood yesterday. Haha, whatever. I told ya that's going to teach me to be a better person XD

Until then, peeps. Not so simple and short entry by the way, eh? XD



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