Mysterious girl is very mystery.

Oh hyy! Hari ini dah update blog, tapi dalam keadaan emosi jadi takbestlah bila baca. Derr! Actually ada masalah sedikit dengan ASDFGHJK. Overall it's fine because I finally can control myself. I think rationally and sempat jugak bersangka buruk * cis * tapi dah nak salahkan siapa kalau bukan diri sendiri?

Lastly Kakak pun cakap aku "misteri".
Masalahnya, semua orang misterilah Kakak oiiii :P

Today aku tutup buka tutup buka je lappy ni sebab bila dia panas, tetiba je desktop jadi gelap =_________= Dan bila buka blog sendiri tetiba jadi lembab, bila tutup blog PinkRidingHood ni ( XD ) jadi biasa je. Aish, masalah masalah. Geram bebenor aku gini -,-

oh, and new background! :D

Tengah carry on lerr ni. Mujurlah aku ni tak suka sangat emosi lebihlebih, sebab last sekali I end up laughing without reasons -_________-" Yeah, so much for the title "Mystery girl is very mystery" and the title speaks the truth. Gagagagaggg! And I keep changing the header. Teehee!

And it becomes cuter and cuter!
Kidding lorh -,-

Thanks to everything. Google, Tumblr etc. Not Blogger, though! It makes my mind go crazy. Zzzzzz ~ But the most gratitude goes to Blogger because without it I can't post anything LALALA ~ Uhh, did I say something about Blogger? Crazy-minded me XD

So, how do you like my new name?

Wait, I'm not copying ThePinkGajahStory, okay -,- (sorry, Kak Ryna XD). Of course I'm cloning Red Riding Hood (the new version)! And I like pink A LOT. I don't know why. I keep denying it. "I don't really like pink THAT much, I like other colours too," I said. Then in the end all my things are pink =______=

Including this blog. And my fiancee's blog XD
Sorry, babyy. I didn't mean to make it PINK. It's comes naturally X^X

And I want to live like Red Riding Hood, Valerie XD Well, it's just that... I don't have a Peter and a Henry. I'll find them tomorrow at school... But, my father is not a werewolf XD Okay, enough dreaming, PinkRidingHood -,-
Harriet’s Christmas present :D
In my old doodle style because I drew it a few days ago and I couldn’t wait until Christmas to post it up! xD Hope you like it :)

Oh last night I had a dream.
A non-believing dream. I don't consider it a nightmare because the person in the dream was very annoying. It's an annoying dream Zzzzzzz.

My sister and I booked tickets to watch a badminton tournament.
The day before the tournament, we went to the stadium to watch the players practice (???).
When we reached there, it was just me going inside the stadium while my sister stayed in the car.

I came in there to watch a cycling practice T_________________T
When I was really bored, I wanted to go out.
The boy sitting AT THE DOOR refused to let me out and got on my nerves.
I slapped him in the face.
He slapped me back.
I pushed the door and screamed, "He was like a monkey!"

Finally I went in the car.
The end.


Lately I always had weird dreams. Unknown people appeared, I know them but they really have nothing to do with me at all! How am I supposed to handle this?! Gahhh!

I dreamed my friend came back to the school (she moved to another school last two weeks).
I dreamed two of my classmates went jogging with my pregnant sister-in-law. -,-
I dreamed of...err..* an error occured *

I want to dream of Merlin and Max Irons only! XD
Kidding. Kidding!

I just discovered something.



  1. saya ada tshirt keep calm and carry on tu. err, saja bagitau =.=


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