This week things get better B-)

Assalamualaikum ❤ How are you? Hope you're fine, mentally and physically 'cause I'm actually fine! Better than any other days. Teehee ~ Oh well, just a little bit gloomy a few hours ago and I was having a stomach ache. Ouch :P

So, let's forget about that. I'm going to write about the day before yesterday-ay-ay! Well, it was such a splendid day! Plus, a non-believing incident. Okay, the person who was unbelieving was me T.T I made a raise-eyebrows-face towards him when he asked to borrow the book I was using.

At first he called me Fifi, I heard that but I wasn't looking, too busy answering the Science Paper while searching for the answers in the reference book. I heard someone was calling, I looked around and he called me, "Fatin! Fatin!". XD

I looked at him, raising both eyebrows. I was laughing silently deep in my heart ==". He asked for a book. He wanted to borrow it. I raised my eyebrows higher. I gazed at the book I was holding and ask, "This book?" and he answered "Yes." I asked for the second time, and I heard the same answer.

At last, I handed him the book. There goes 'Ainul's reference book XD

I snatched Sakinah's reference book, then I went to my desk (that time I was sitting at Aina's place). I found MY reference book and took it. I forgot I had kept it in my desk before ==". So I used mine and started to babble alone (due to failing searching for answers). Duh!

It was the topic of Heat, about conduction, I couldn't find the answers. Finally, it was time to pray and I stopped answering. Before that, the boy who borrowed the reference's book gave back the book to me and his friend said, "Thanks!" and I was like ==" and replied, "Uh, okay."

Oh hey! As you can see at my header, it says there "Life of a Treasurer" and I'm going to tell you my collecting-money experience XD Seriously, I act like I'm an Ah-Long (the person who lent people money and when it was time to collect, they were being harsh) collecting money from my fellas.

Um, but I'm not THAT harsh.

I was just walking around in the class and asked them for money. "Pay your class fees right now!" I said and they took out their money. I dared to do that with the girls only. In religious school, you don't go around boys to talk or hang out with. You just talk things that are important. Like collecting class money XD

When I asked for the class money from the boys, their responds were quite positive. One of them paid the class money straight for four months and I couldn't stop laughing with Sofiah. Haha! And even there was a person gave me an RM50 note, then he saw I took out loads of RM1 notes.

Then, he took back that RM50 and gave me an RM10 note. =="

No offense :P

And recently my History teacher asked us who was the first Agong (King of the Country), she said we always bring them. Anywhere, anytime. And we were like, "Huh?? Everywhere??" We didn't know that the first Agong is the person on the RM note. Thank you, teacher for telling us T.T

Later this evening, I went to tuition. Arabic tuition, and our Ustadz was teaching about grammar (in Arabic we call it Nahu or Qawaa'id). It was fun learning Arabic, although sometimes my focus was not really 'there' in the class. Teehee ~ And I like to tease 'Ainul or Sofiah.

Please take note that I always tease those two non-stop XD

Oh yesterday, I was supposed to attend the qiamullail (night pray) but due to some circumstances I skipped it. When I reached school this morning, 'Ainul said we should have been in the same dorm if I went to the qiam! Then she started to blame me for not coming (as she said she was alone XD).

Oh another thing! Today is Wanie's birthday! We brought a Black Forest cake for her. And some ice-creams for ourselves (me, Sofiah, 'Ainul, Sakinah, Aina and Syafiqah). Fortunately, I still have the money my brother gave me last week. * wink wink * So I treated them all ==" and we ate the ice-creams like we never ate before XD

We gave Wanie a piece of cake. We couldn't give her all of it because her classmates had already bought a cake for her. Plus, I don't think she would finish all of it XD Unless if she was really really really hungry and a big fan of cakes XDDD

That's all and for your information this post was written on 1st April 2011 but I didn't have the mood to post it. Kuikui ~

Tata and wassalam.


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