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By Fifiey Azmi - June 01, 2011


Alya tidur rumah aku dua malam. Isnin aku pergi Pantai Pandak, main-main air, tangkap hermit crabs yang comell tuh. Semalam, Selasa aku pergi naik cruise di Taman Tamadun Islam menyusuri err, err, Pulau Duyong, Pulau Warisan etc. Entah aku tak ingat.

Hari ini aku pergi makan Pizzahut dengan Kak Didi.

Sorry aku kurang update blog ni sebab masa sangat singkat, of course. I want to finish my novels. I've finished The Hunger Games book one so far, and Forsaken, done. Working on Catching Fire, THG second series. Oh man, Suzanne Collins will pay for all this.

Ingatkan cerita ni santai, tak complicated. Then, after I had finished the first book, I was like, "What on earth is she planning to do..." because the ending was quite bad with all the conflicted emotions, mostly from the current reader. Who else? XD

And who's not madly in love with Peeta Mellark and at the same time, Gale Hawthorne?

Okay, great. Rasa macam dejavu, sebab sekarang ni aku baru lepas baca Forsaken, ada name Blackthorn and now Hawthorne? Hari tu tak silap aku baca buku TMI and TDI ada Lightwood, and Hush Hush ada Blackwood ke apa entah. Haii, sukanyaa diorang dengan Black Black nih.

Jacob and Sirius Black, do I need to remind ya?

Somehow I'm pissed with myself for using some irritating 'slang'. Thanks to Denver Beck zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Geram aku setiap kali dialog dia, perkataan 'you' jadi 'ya'. Eww? Bukan sekali, tapi setiap kali. Memang slang dia, readers lain pun menyampah.

Tapi kiteorang buat tak nampak jelah.

Oh hmm, Kak Didi belikan Frostbite, Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise. The Vampire Academy series, book two until four! Two more to go. Wait, I haven't read those yet. Soon, soon. Until I throw this laptop in the cupboard, that's when I finish every books I have in hands.


Sleepy-head now. Last update for the week, maybe. Or not. Or maybe for the holidays. Thanks a lot for pissing me off, everyone. You succeed.

And I repeat, today is not my day.


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  1. WOW, already familiarising with future in-laws eh? It's all about the timing, Chiomell, it's all timing!

  2. Do ya know wot I want ya to do Chiomell? Do ya? Do YA!??!?!!?