No matter what, I still love you.

Fine, sekarang ni aku reti doodle Domo je. Actually reti-lah doodle girl/boy, tapi it's really not the time sebab lama jugak nak boleh siapkan satu doodle. Dahlah baca buku CoFA -__-" Nice one, girl. Haha. But I'm reading Frostbite by Richelle Mead for the time being.

Didn't I tell ya already that I had finished reading CoFA? Can't really wait for City of Lost Souls, though. Oh wait, I've told you this already -_-"

Okay the doodling I did, yeah, on the book cover are The Mortal Sword and Cup. HAHAHA. You can't really draw Lake Lynn there, can you? I tried to draw Jace and Clary, but as I said, it takes a longer time. Maybe I'll draw JaceClary in Domo version after this ;D

Hmm, supposedly going to Kemaman tomorrow, but I told my father to cancel it. I haven't finished my homework yet. A lot of it. And on Thursday, I'll be going on a holiday trip with Abelong and family. Wth? I thought about turning the trip down, but then I remember I have made a promise with my nephew.

Can I go now, or not?

Fine, although I'm not satisfied with Jamie Campbell Bower being Jace, try seeing things the other way. Maybe he's better than Alex Pettyfer and Max Irons (well, these two are probably new in the entertainment world, so why bother?). I know both of them have good looks, but that doesn't mean they act better than Jamie.

Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! I'm soooo NOT into ya, dude!

And Jamie, you ARE NOT going to wear THAT HAIR when you're portraying Jace! Not ever! Be like Pattinson, his hair is marvelous in his movie Twilight, but err, not in real life. Ugh, I still don't get it why they chose JAMIE! Jackson Rathbone, oh please, please be him!

Oh well, a little too late for that.

But, never mind that. I'm not game with Lily Collins either -,- I've heard her talking, and I was like, "Err, is this Clary?" Okay, she's cute, but not as cute as MY IMAGINARY CLARY. Oh well, hope the casting for Simon would be cute and sweet. He's a sweet guy! Soooo into Izzy! :P


Everybody, please take not that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are not gays! Absolutely not, why else would they kiss Kristen, then? :P Siti Maisarah Zulhaimi, I think you should watch the video here. Really, you should, girl :P

Man, I've wasted enough of my precious time already. I know what was going to happen before all of this happened.

First week of school holidays
"I think I'm not going to do my homework yet. There's enough time next week."

Earlier on the second week
"Still have time! I should finish my homework SLOWLY ever."

The last three days
"Ohmiiii! I haven't finish my homework yet! TONS of it! Oh no! What am I going to do?"

First day of school
"Hey, have you finish your homework yet?"
"Nope, have you?"
"Same here! Gimme five!"


Till then.



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