The Beginning of The End.

Assalamualaikum. I can't believe I am still updating this blog when PMR is just three days to go. Feeling kinda tired due to unconditional numbers of numerous classes. HAHA But seriously I don't know where do I get this spirit to attend EVERY CLASSES held at school. A few days ago, I had a fever then I went to the doctor, she gave me medicines and I went to school -_-"

Things seemed to be perfect these days. We apologized to each other, cried to one another, and then make mistakes again, remind ourselves that we have already apologized. After all, we are not called humans if we do not make mistakes, right? :) I believe we will achieve our best in our goals! It's not an easy thing to do, but all we can do is to struggle for these priorities;
  • Our parents
  • Our teachers
  • Our beloved school, SMKA SHEIKH ABDUL MALEK
  • Sheikh Abdul Malek, Tok Ku Paloh himself :)
"O Allah, we pray to You that you grant our wishes to give us health and knowledge and Your Blessings for the upcoming PMR. Forgive all our sins, bless our parents, teachers, family and friends for they have been sacrificing too much for us. Open our hearts and eyes, make us remember the lessons taught by our beloved teachers. Remind us if we forgot, correct us if we were wrong and fill our souls with Your Blessings. And don't let us go astray, but let us always be with You."

To everyone
- I'm sorry for everything that I've done.
- Pray for me to do the best in my PMR.
- On behalf of my friends, please do pray for them, too.
- InshaAllah, your help will return to you someday.

Aku pun banyak buat silap tahun ni dengan kawan-kawan. Seriously, aku sangat tak berniat nak sakitkan hati sesiapa. Maybe dekat dunia blog ni tak adalah sangat, tapi kat sekolah..fuhh, Allah je laa yang tahu berapa orang yang aku dah sakitkan hati mereka. Aku doakan yang terbaik jugak untuk semua orang. Semoga kita sentiasa dalam rahmat Yang Maha Esa.

InshaAllah, we'll find our way.


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