Harry Potter series taught me beautiful things.


Harry Potter taught us to be strong when everybody else's not.

Voldemort taught us that prejudice is all around and there will always be people as evil as him.

Hermione Granger taught us that it's not a bad thing to have a thirst for knowledge and research.

Ron Weasley taught us that all we need is a true friend that stays with you until the end.

Neville Longbottom taught us that sometimes you must face your fears and stand up for what you believe in.

Luna Lovegood taught us it's okay to be yourself and not caring what people think about you.

Draco Malfoy taught us that everyone makes mistakes. He taught us that everyone has feelings.

Fred and George Weasley taught us that even in the most darkest of times, there is light, love and hope.

Severus Snape taught us how to fight for a true love. He taught us to be brave.


Albus Dumbledore taught us to trust the right people undoubtedly.

Rubeus Hagrid taught us to be loyal in every moment.

Bellatix Lestrange taught us that there are really horrible people in the world.

Molly Weasley taught us that we can always rely on our mother.

Arthur Weasley taught us that it's okay to be curious about the unknown.

Remus Lupin taught us that no matter what happens, there is a way to survive it.

Sirius Black taught us to never betray your friends and be loyal to those who are loyal to you.


H A R R Y  P O T T E R  2 0 1 1 ®

Thank you, JK Rowling for your awesome books! :)