Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief


Assalamualaikum and a very good...night? I'm posting late, yeah I know. Who cares anyway? No one's reading. Except Syafiqah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

So, I just finished watching. Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. Dekat StarMovies, starting 10pm to 12am. I watched it with my dad! And surprise! This story is about a son and his father. Or maybe sons and their fathers. Whatever.

ABSOLUTE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cerita ini tersangatlah tahyul.

But if you read Myths and Legends, all the stuffs in the movie are familiar.

Sapa-sapa yang dah tengok tu, best tak tengok Percy main air? HIHI.

There's a character named Luke. The portrayer's face was so like Jamie Campbell when he first appeared! But differs a bit. I was excited to know he was Jamie! But no, he wasn't. He looks gorgeous! Of course I got excited because Jamie's gonna play Jace. And with that face playing Jace, I'd be happy. Unfortunately, he's Jake Abel. Who the hell is he I don't know!!! SERIOUSLY!

Percy sangat comell awww! Logan Lerman eww nama macam orang tua -_-" Yeah, no doubt he'll be an old man one day. Ngahahahas! Annabeth's not that gorgeous. Screw up, woman.

Kfine, aku nak beli buku Percy Jackson sekarang and I need to go to KL to accomplish this mission xD 'Cause I know buku Percy Jackson memang ada dekat MPH. Serious tak tipu. Kalau macam The Mortal Instruments (yang tak femes di Malaysia) memang susah nak jumpa depan mata, tapi memang ada, cuma tersorok sebab kuantiti dia sedikit jer. Ecewahh, tau tau je.

Oke ah, I'm gonna go mourning because I can't read story books. * sobbing like a baby *



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