Entri aku bukan pasal 2011 dan 2012 xD

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam. Oh malam ni hujan renyai-renyai. Tadi half-lebat (ini kes duk baca novel yang duk half-human half-vampire half-blood la ni -_-). Hmm, setelah seminggu tak update blog, akhirnya aku update-lah hari ini kerana gesaan dari pelbagai pihak yang blog diorang pun tak berapa nak update #ok tipu je -.- Entahlah, lately ni rasa macam nak update blog je :3

Partly mungkin sebab aku ada terlalu banyak blog. Ehh, taklah terlalu banyak. Cuma ade empat je >.>' Yang account blogger ada dua, Tumblr pun ada dua. Yang Tumblr doodle aku tu nak kena lukis doodle lagi. Aku lebih prefer lukis doodle dari menaip segala bagai nih. Tapi dah nama pun seorang blogger tegar, kena jugak menaip untuk meningkatkan jumlah entri di blog ciput ni.

And another part maybe sebab aku sibuk nak menghabiskan Clockwork Prince. In preparation untuk baca novel tu, aku kena reread Clockwork Angel sebab aku baca CA tahun lepas, so ada certain parts yang aku lupa. Part Thomas mati pun aku tak ingat (sebab tu masa baca Thomas mati tadi aku nangis dua titik air mata k). Or maybe sebab aku lebih matang kot, aku lebih berperasaan. #sighs

Tetiba terlebih sedar pulak bahawasanya William Herondale tu sangat mysterious. Ngaaaa~ And suddenly I fell in love with Jem. #berangan  nak jadi Tessa-lah ni konon -_-

Semalam planning dengan Alya dan Shafiqah nak ke Giant pada pukul 10 pagi hari ini untuk menikmati donut di Big Apple. Sambil-sambil tu aku nak beli CD Percy Jackson. OK, just need to inform you aku memang tengah obses dengan Percy Jackson sekarang ni due to terlalu ramai orang meminati Merlin sekarang ni -_-" So rasa terpinggir tiba-tiba (???)

Aku memang macam ni, aku kena minat something yang tak mempunyai banyak peminat. Contohnya Harry Potter, aku tak boleh nak obses lama-lama disebabkan peminat Harry Potter dah terlalu ramai. And Merlin, dah setahun lebih aku obses sebab orang sekeliling aku tak ada pun yang minat, tapi sekarang, suddenly ALL of my schoolmates seem to be keenly taken with Merlin -.-

You suddenly have my friends for your fans, Merlin. And you have to understand I'm such in an awkward position right now since it's still 2011.

See? EVERYTHING GETS AWKWARD IN THE YEAR 2011. All thanks to someone who invented this four words;
If you don't trust me, you can check your Twitter accounts (IF you have one).

Back to the main story, peeps!
Cadang nak pergi pukul 10 pagi, tapi semalam tidur pukul 2 memang laa tak berapa nak bangun awal lepas Subuh -.- So aku cakaplah pukul 11 lah dekat si budak berdua tu. Suddenly Alya mesej dia sakit kepala and mual sebab tidur pukul 4 pagi semalam, so tak jadi pergi. Huwaaa, nak makan Big Apple! #ranaplah Big Apple tu kalau aku makan :3

Jadi, petang tu aku pergi dengan Kakngah jelah ke Giant (tempat paling femes untuk para remaja lepak dengan kawan-kawan selain Perpustakaan Awam Negeri dan Mydin)

Aku ke Big Apple, makanlah donat dengan Kakngah aku, kiteorang beli set yang 6 tu. Aku ingat perisa aku pilih je, Say Cheese (yang ni memang wajib kot --'), The Alien (all thanks to Alya xD), Nestum (tak ingat nama penuh wahaha tapi ni favourite aku of all time) dan Tiracino (aku tak tahu eja lah dan aku sangat malas nak Google sekarang ni). Aaaaa aku suka gila yang Nestum tu x)

Then, aku beli CD Percy Jackson and Narnia! Woohooo~ Ok, terdetik jugaklah sesaat dua harapan agar CD Breaking Dawn tiba-tiba ada depan mata -_- But sadly, no of course. Tengok Percy Jackson jelah lepas ni (lepas habis entri ni ngahaha!). Narnia aku beli yang third movie tu, Voyage of The Dawn Treader. Aku tak tengok lagi yang tu. Yang first two aku dah tengok. Esoklah aku tengok -.-

Logan Lerman ni memang cute-lah. And he has a fair skin.

No, aku bukan nak bandingkan dia dengan Brandon T. Jackson tuh -_- Tapi in most pictures dia memang putih melepak lepak si Lerman ni. And he's too cute. Macam Colin Morgan... Awwww! #eleh gedik -.- Aku takut tengok si Alexandra Daddario tuh. Her eyes don't go quite well with the hair colour. And again, Annabeth is supposed to be BLONDE. Kenapalah movie Percy Jackson ni banyak sangat dia ubah!
Logan Lerman's birthday is on 19th January. So, I'm like, whoa, Colin was born in January, too! I guess I only like January celebrities. And they're both cute :3

Well, it seems 2011 is meeting its end. Aku pulak yang nervous, sebab nanti aku akan masuk alam pre-adult. Ngahaha. Awal dewasa. Brrr, sixteen is a cursed age! #LOLjk Biasa dalam novel yang aku baca selalu sixteen-lah di mana klimaks berlaku. Tak sixteen, seventeen. But sixteen is the start. Nak dibandingkan fifteen and sixteen, kiranya macam ni;
Fifteen of age, in most books, if the heroines start dating, the readers would think they are not quite suitable for things like that. But if the heroines are sixteen, no one cares if they're dating seriously or not. Okay, I know it's a bad example or whatever but I'm trying my best to describe my fear of being sixteen :|


1. Classmates yang paling best - 3 Ibnu Qudamah (3A2)
Thank you for all your cooperation and hard work! I will definitely miss you guys for the rest of my life :') All the best in your study years. Do behave like always! #LOL
Seriously, the best classmates ever! However, I still miss 2A2. Dear self, please do not talk about 2010. That's a bygone. xD

2. The family number increases - Alhamdulillah!
3rd of July 2011 Raydah Bareera binti Mohammad Khalil
19th of December 2011 Muhammad bin Akbar
#Dear niece and nephew, know that your youngest aunt is very jealous of you. Because you both were born in the second semester of the year. Especially you, Muhammad. But, don't worry. Jealousy means nothing to me, I'm not that jealous anyway ('',). I love you both so much

3. PMR result - 9A!

Alhamdulillah. After all the hard work (really? -_-) I have achieved my goal this year! Thanks to my beloved family for endless supports, my teachers for the continuing lessons and my easy-going friends! All those extra classes...bestnyee ingat-ingat balik. Hmm, tunggu Form 5 lah pulak untuk attend kelas-kelas sebegitu. Form 4 pun ada, tapi tak sekerap Form 3 dan Form 5. Heeee~

4. Merlin Season 4 - oh no! It's horrifying!
The picture has spoken! #ghastly
Seriously, dude. You need to make a better ending with that. Don't make me stop watching your series. You'll regret it :3

5. Harry Potter - the boy who...well, lived in his own books.

Thank you, Kakngah, for lending me the books. (though those books are still on my bookshelves :3)

6. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PERCY JACKSON! - Logan Lerman is so cute, that's all.
Oh hey! Thanks to all the novels I've read, one by one led me to this series. I really don't know when will the series end. Percy Jackson is still in the Heroes of Olympus series.

7. Some phrases I found.
There's a weird pleasure in loving someone who doesn't love you.
It's all right to love someone who doesn't love you back, as long as they're worth you loving them - as long as they deserve it.

A better year, I think. InsyaAllah. Everything will be fine, Fatin Athirah. You need to be strong and brave. Just like you always do. You will do your best in everything. Let bygones be bygones. You have your friends, but if one day in 2012, you feel as if you're standing on your own, alone and friendless, remember the One who will always be there for you. Remember Allah, not to worry, He's always nearby! :D
It's not who you really are, it's what you are taught to be.
#Azam aku tahun ni,
  • Everyday the diary must be updated.
  • Prepare for SPM
  • Prepare for Yaumul Akhirah
  • My sister gets married -.-
  • More nieces and nephews! #lol InsyaAllah :3
  • Read more books....? xD

The Hunger Games - March 2012
Bel Ami - March 2012
Seriously, Edward? -_-


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