I'm a Hufflepuff!

By Fifiey Azmi - December 09, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Hi! Again... Harry Potter stuffs. Aku tukar laa, taknak Ravenclaw sebab ada Cho Chang -_-" Seriously I hate her forever okay? Sebab dia suka dekat Cedric, lepastu bila Cedric mati nakkan Harry pulak lepas tu lepas tu gedik gedik dengan Harry and break up sebab sensitif sangat. Grr! And bila dah break up with Harry couple dengan Michael Corner!

But I like Cedric, of course. His character, and not to mention because of the one portraying him -_-" HE WAS HARRY'S FRIEND, ALL RIGHT. And he just died, JUST LIKE THAT! * crocodile tears *

So, I made another blog for favourite stuffs only. I can mess around the blog with novels I read whatsoever. That's all I want to say -_-"

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