'SEGMEN' by Izzat

Um, hi.

Syu tag aku, thanks sweetheart. Here's the rules;

  1. Must have a blog. [Check.]
  2. Must follow Izzat's blog and like his fan page. HERE. [Been there, done that.]
  3. Make an entry about the 'SEGMEN'. [Done.]
  4. Make sure you put the banner up there in your entry. [Sure.]
  5. Send your link entry at the comment part HERE. [Okay...]
  6. Take note that Izzat will not accept anything like this; http://asdfghjkl.blogspot.com/
    Meaning, you'll have to post something like this; http://asdfghjkl.blogspot.com/2011/12/segmen-by-izzat.html
  7. If the contestants never reach 10, this segment will be automatically canceled. [I understand.]
  8. Tag three people. [On the way.]
Prizes to be won;
  • Free edited blogskins template {4 contestants}
  • Free header with your own styles {20 contestants}
    All winners will be picked using random.org
CLOSING DATE: 15.12.2011

* gasping *
PMR result :O

I miss you so much! SOBS SOBS. Lessthanthree


  1. what is it that you don't get? and video? yg sitting on tha toilet? tak perlu faham apa-apa. gelak je! xD


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