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Farewell Merlin.

Assalamualaikum. SPOILERS ALERT**

Oh, the tears. I am sorry. I was supposed to do the 'wordless' post, but I couldn't!!! And this post will contain spoilers, from the season finale TT_TT And please forgive me for putting too much pictures in this post but... I can't help it! Lemme cry! Lemme cry all to myself! :'(
The previous post was about the epic finale of Twilight. And now...? Merlin? Seriously? I started to gain obsession to both in the same year and they are ending in the same exact year, too?! My heart's breaking again. *not breaking dawn -_-* After posting my last entry, I watched the last episode of Merlin.... The Diamond of the Day Part 2 (WHY IS EVERYTHING SUDDENLY HAS PARTS?!! =.=)

In the last episode, Merlin told Arthur he had magic. And all the time he was holding back tears, but there were numerous amount of water coming out from his eyes, anyway. And also, ME. I was crying WITH him! "Arthur, I'm a sorcerer. I have magic." THE DAM …

Twilight: The Epic Finale


The day we met, frozen I held my breath Right from the start I knew that I've found For my heart beats fast, colors and promises How to be brave, how can I love  When I'm afraid to fall but watching you stand alone All of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow One step closer

I really can't believe this series is ending TT.TT I mean, like, really, really I won't be able to do what I did each time, patiently waiting for its movies to come out every single year! And I can't express anything right now. Too sad to even say "I'm gonna miss them all, Bella, Edward, Jacob, everyone!" I know I can always see them in other movies, but... I still ain't gonna see Kristen Stewart as Bella, or Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. That saddens me :'(
Of course I will feel this way. Twilight is the first English book I've ever read in my thirteen years of being the living *lol the sarcasm*. The Twilight Saga will always be number one for me,…