The Host by Stephenie Meyer



Assalamualaikum. Heyyy you know what's good? The Host Teaser Trailer is here! I didn't know at first but when I browsed up at I suddenly read 'The Host Teaser Trailer' and I was like, "Is it The Host, the book by Stephenie Meyer? Twilight's meeting its end, but not the author yeahh baby!" So I went to Youtube and BAM! It's true, it's The Host, the best story ever created by Stephenie Meyer! Ohhhh ALIENS! XD

Oh then I was on Twitter, I saw Jake Abel posting about the same video, so I searched IMDB again and found out he's going to play Ian O'Shea, the hero! Err, there will be two major heroes in the movie, which are Jake Abel and Max Irons. Seriously, MAX IRONS?! I've been craving for him to play Jace in City of Bones! FINALLY, unexpectedly he's going to be in The Host as a hero (which I hate -_-)! Anyway, I'm still dancing in my head thinking that The Host is finally filming!
#I never thought this would be real $_$

And guess the best part? Saoirse Ronan is playing as the heroine! OK, she's the girl from The Lovely Bones. She's cute :D Uuuuuuuuu I can't wait to see Jake Abel playing the good boy part! Unfortunately the film will be out in March 2013. Another year awaits. After Breaking Dawn Part Two, Twilight will meet its end and then comes a new story.... The Host! For further details, please search The Host (2013) at IMDB. * excited as looney tunes -_- *

Awww Saoirse Ronan is so cute :3 I wish they would change Max Iron and Jake Abel's roles -_- Jake's face turns out to be antagonist! Maybe it's because the fact that he played as the bad guy in both Percy Jackson and I Am Number Four (seriously Jake, again? -_-) Lalalalala I'm too happy to speak. Eh wait a sec, I was crazy about Max Irons before because of Red Riding Hood but I haven't got the chance to watch it until now -_-


Found this on weheartit. Where do these people got the pictures? -_-

But I still am in the mood to watch The Hunger Games really bad T_T Now I'm tweeting with my bestie 'Ainul, discussing our imaginary plan to go watch a movie next week. Al Hijabbbbb --" Oh, The Host Teaser Trailer came out with The Hunger Games premiere! Can't. Resist. THG. Please please please make the CD comes out early! >.<
#Just finished browsing Colin's pictures in The Lady Magazine Online :3

Okay, the eyes scare me -_- They're supposed to be like that, as a sign that those people have been invade by worm-like souls (ewwwwww). Okay you probably should read the book to know more. Guaranteed 100% better than Twilight. If Twilight is all about having a boyfriend, then The Host won't disappoint you. It's not about having a boyfriend, it's about survival and sacrifice, it's about love and kindness and family and acceptance :')

I love you Wanda, just you. :) I still hope you'd end up with Jared. But Ian's really okay.


The Iron Queen 

I'm back and everything's suddenly new -_-



Assalamualaikum semuanya. * awkward position * Hmm, okaylah sorry aku buat private blog dan langsung tak update sepanjang bulan Mac, only now I got the chance to write. Post sebelum ni yang via Bloggerdroid tu pun aku tak tahu bila muncul, tersilap tekan kot. Aku dah delete pun, so tak payah duk cari la -_- Rindu gilaa kat blog ni. Ahaiii haii. Baru sebulan tak update, bukan setahun.

Aku pergi luar negara sepanjang cuti bulan Mac so memang tak terupdate-lah sebab tak bawak laptop. Uhuu. Aku pergi dua hari sebelum cuti dan balik dua hari lepas cuti. I went with my mama, daddy, grandma, sister and brother-in-law, my brother and my tok sedara. Best jugak pergi ramai-ramai. Dulu pergi dengan Kakngah dan Abang. Kali ni pergi dengan Abecik, Kakak dan Abang Shaffie.

Balik-balik sini bila bukak internet banyak jugaklah perubahan yang berlaku * walhal sedikit sahaja, saje je menokok tambah -_- * Dan bila pergi sekolah rasa sangat rinduuu dengan kawan-kawan. Aku baru je sehari pergi sekolah iaitu kelmarin. Hari ni tak larat nak pergi sebab kurang sihat. Batuk tak henti, but still pasang air-cond tanpa henti dan minum air batu/sejuk setiap masa -.-"

I just bought a new book, entitled Divergent by Veronica Roth and I finished it in just one day because the story is so cool and awesome and unique. Yang tak bestnya ada sambungan -_- So kena beli lagilah (ceh, 'kena beli' tu padahal tak beli pun takde apa-apa -_-) But most of all cerita tu banyak gila resembles The Hunger Games. Yea yea I know, the one yang tengah tayang kat cinema tu. Kedua-dua buku tak ada mythical creatures, semua based on technology and wars.


Um hi there Steve Vampire in Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. He played the bad boy in the movie. I can't believe it's him again -_- I never actually watched Cirque Du Freak, but when my sister watched in last night and I saw The Hunger Games trailer yesterday, I stay tuned for about two seconds and a half. Kidding, just stayed enough time to know how the story goes and ends.

I don't really like the casts for THG but who am I to judge? Maybe they're better than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. But still I prefer someone older than the hero to play the heroine. I know they look the same age but...ok fine you know how I am, I'm an absolute ageist. But over all I think Josh is okay playing Peeta, I sort of picture him like that anyway, but not Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. No no no! Or Liam Hermsworth as Gale. Not at all.

I like the cast of Rue, that girl's cute. And most importantly, Haymitch. I'm game with him! He's my hero of all time. Without him, Peeta and Katniss wouldn't survive (please read the books after this I'm giving spoilers -_-). And I'm very happy he didn't die. HE DIDN'T DIE. If you read all the three books, you'd know what happened and why I said he didn't die. Hm, unfortunately I can't watch the movie in the mean time since I have to travel hundred kilometres to reach a cinema -_-
#Guess I have to buy the CD five years later.....


Semalam kan result SPM. Alhamdulillah sekolah aku seramai 50 orang dapat straight A's termasuk seorang dapat straight A+'s! Wahhh, kakak tu nama Fatin Amalia, sumber inspirasi-lah lepas ni. Dahlah jadi pelajar terbaik negeri. We are all very proud of you. Ramai jugak dapat 10A+1A. Aaaaa macamana diorang buat sampai dapat banyak A+ tuhhh I really can't imagine, nak dapat A pun susah ni apatah lagi A+ #Ehem, mestilah diorang berusaha untuk dapatkan A+ tu bukan datang bergolek --"

Kak Shahirah dapat straight A's! Kak Aimi Atiqah iaitu kakak kepada seseorang yang bernama ______ * saya lupalah nama dia * dapat 10A+1A! Bravo bravo! Oh saya sangat terharu kelmari ketika menyaksikan detik-detik cikgu mengumumkan nama-nama pelajar yang dapat keputusan cemerlang. Aku dan kawan-kawan duduk dengan penuh tertib di tepi dewan sambil memuji-muji kakak-kakak dan abang-abang yang naik ke pentas. :') InsyaAllah dua tahun lagi giliran kami pulak!