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Cerita ceriti zaman purbakala.

Assalamualaikum and happy-over-Syawal! I didn't post anything about my Syawal, so it's kinda boring around here -_- I'd edited some of the pictures to put them here and share my Syawal story to you readers, but I'm so so so malas nak buat macam tu because of...well, malas, malas, you know what 'malas' means, right? Malas tu lazy, lazy tu tak rajin, tak rajin tu not hardworking or not in the mood. Hehehe.

Actually nak sangat post cerita pasal iftor(s) yang berlaku sepanjang bulan Ramadhan, which was before Syawal. Ada several iftors yang aku hadir (not to mention kena handle hahaha). As usual, cik-suka-cari-kerja ni terima je jawatan sebagai setiausaha iftor, sekali dengan 'Ainul dan Izuddin (hello friends, we meet again to organize this iftor just like in 3A2 last year -.-). And tambahan, Zulkhairi or people call him Zuket/Zukek whatever.

Iftor pertama ni untuk semua pelajar tingkatan empat. Well, kiteorang kan geng sangat rapat awww. So letak bawah nama B…

Sorry for not writing.

Assalamualaikum para perindu sekalian. First of all... I wanna say,


Record tak aku dah sebulan tak update blog? RECORD TAK? I now think I'm awesome! Yes, for not updating this blog and making everyone tak senang duduk menunggu. I'm so sorry!!! Hey, but wait, at least I've changed my header twice, right? Ngahaha. I mean, no one READS blog anymore, since the entries and posts are so long that everyone keeps drooling over their laptops. Hahaha.

Besides, my blog font are so tiny little miny that some people have to put on their glasses just to read my entries. (though to this consequence, I'd never make an effort to change the font hahaha) Moreover, the stuffs I wrote about are not that interesting, all 'bout my life and that's all you will get. Yeah maybe I did write something useful, but that's just once in a blue moon. (does 'blue moon' even exist?)

Okay for the record, I'm having time management issu…