Sorry for not writing.


Assalamualaikum para perindu sekalian. First of all... I wanna say,


Record tak aku dah sebulan tak update blog? RECORD TAK? I now think I'm awesome! Yes, for not updating this blog and making everyone tak senang duduk menunggu. I'm so sorry!!! Hey, but wait, at least I've changed my header twice, right? Ngahaha. I mean, no one READS blog anymore, since the entries and posts are so long that everyone keeps drooling over their laptops. Hahaha.

Besides, my blog font are so tiny little miny that some people have to put on their glasses just to read my entries. (though to this consequence, I'd never make an effort to change the font hahaha) Moreover, the stuffs I wrote about are not that interesting, all 'bout my life and that's all you will get. Yeah maybe I did write something useful, but that's just once in a blue moon. (does 'blue moon' even exist?)

Okay for the record, I'm having time management issues. I'm too busy with my family, friends, schoolworks, exams, studies etc. I have no time to think about A TOPIC to write here. Ideas kept coming to me when I was away from this laptop, like when I was watching the TV, reading glimpses of pages in books, hearing talks from motivators when attending a course... Great. Just great.


Please don't get mad at me. I really WANTED to write. This blog is everything to me. I would spill everything here, and only by writing that I can calm myself and entertain myself. I just noticed this, BTW. And I'm typing super-fast since it's almost midnight on Saturday. And I'm already sleepy.

I just got back from a course yesterday, Kursus Kepimpinan SHAMS. It was held by most of seniors from SPM 2009's batch. Only 30 participants, and that's as cool as ever. I had fun, I had sweet memories. Missing all the facilitators and everyone. Harap-harap this is not the last time of our gathering. Boleh jumpa lagi lepas ni, insyaAllah. Oh there was Hilal Asyraf giving a talk in a slot. Peace.

I am a no fan of Hilal Asyraf, so I didn't feel as enthusiastic. Kay, I'm so sorry for this usage of English words since almost all the time the facilitator (precisely only A FACILITATOR) at the course spoke in English, getting used to it, maybe. I have Auni to practice with :D And others as well, if they want to. I think I may be starting from now if I'm going to continue my studies in Ireland wahahaha

Okay bai! Will be posting soon, insyaAllah. If I have the time. ;)

Umat Islam Sentiasa Boleh