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takyah cari pun gambar ni, dah terpampang depan sekali kat
Fuhhhhhhhhh, it's almost 2014. Berdebar tak? Apa kejadahnya nak berdebar -____- Aku tak rasa apa-apa, tapi rasa jugaklah sikit. Dah tua aku ni. Uhuks. Lepas tu, orang lain pi sekolah esok, aku tak pergi dah. Kengkawan 0913 pun duk rilek saja di rumah, or pergi kerja. Aku, of course lah, menganggur -..- Semalam baru je lepas praktikal 3 jam untuk lesen memandu kereta. Asek drift je aku ni, tak reti nak brek, kata cikgu aku. Huahuahua. Pastu bila brek, brek agak mengejut, cikgu tengah cakap tepon masa tu. Kesian cikgu. Hahaha.

Sepanjang 2013 ni, banyak jugaklah yang aku belajar. Of course la, setiap tahun banyak benda yang kita belajar. Belajar dalam kelas tu yang pasti, sebab 2013 aku masih bersekolah. Tapi bukan tu je, yang aku belajar erti hidup ececewahh ayattt! Family, friendship, school, usrah, leadership, struggle, studies, ups and downs, betrayal dan macam-macam lagi. Benda-benda ni sem…

Best class ever! (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Today I went to Besut for my second-cousin's wedding (whom I don't even know, all I know is her name is Ema -_-). The theme was pink, so the bride and groom wore matching pink outfits. Simple, no tabarruj whatsoever, because I think somehow they (the couple) came from sekolah agama, kot jer. But no, I'm not going to talk about them partly because I don't even know them that close (her dad is my Ummi's cousin, Uncle Sudin that I know of), and it has nothing to do with my entry's title -_- No one in my class has gotten married yet, thankyouverymuch *tetiba*

5 Muslim 2013, the best class ever. Eh eh eh most people (I mean, most of my batch mates) said (or still say haha) that our class is the most happening among the other classes *eyebrows knitted lols*. I mean, they all have their own classes to be proud of, instead they praised MY class. Oh I'm flattered, very. Hahahaha maybe I'm perasan or something here tap…

Dah, takyah pikir apa orang lain kata!


Ahem, korang pernah tak mengalami situasi di mana korang nak buat something yang tak berdosa pun, cuma boleh dikategorikan sebagai 'rare' dalam kalangan orang kita (atau komuniti setempat), lepas tu ada lah suara-suara yang tak berapa best dan sumbang gemalai berbunyi, "Eh takyah ah buat macam tu. Malu kat orang tengok!"? Pernah tak? No, bukan Yus Jambu punya quote ni. I mean, like, a real person next to us saying that. It's either korang pernah, atau tak pernah. Kalau tak pernah tu, means, korang lah yang tukang cakap macam tu -_-

Contoh perbuatan yang 'malu kat orang' yang berdosa ialah telanjang depan orang ramai -______-

Meanwhile, contoh perbuatan yang 'malu kat orang' yang tak salah dan tak berdosa, ialah....pakai sneakers dengan jubah. Takde salah pun kan? Memang lah pelik, tapi tak berdosa pun, tutup je aurat segala bagai. Nak lagi best lagi, perbuatan pelik yang mainstream; pakai tudung labuh, jubah and all that, then taki…

Sadly, I'm a 21st-century Child

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Ever heard of this?
“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
― Albert Einstein So, here's my story. (I made this in April, for my school magazine of 2013)

The Talking Girl with Her Laughing Friend
The shopkeeper gave me my balance and I went outside the store. The cold wind blew in my face, making me shiver briefly. I hopped on to the lower ground and began walking. The pavement I stepped on was carved with various stunning patterns. I studied those patterns while grabbing for a Dessert pill in my jacket pocket. I threw it in my mouth and its nourishing flavor melted against my tongue instantly. Technologies these days were awesome.

We didn’t have to eat pieces of food in platters or munch everything using our teeth. The experts had somehow found a way to make food become simpler by creating pills containing all of the nutrients our body needed. The pills were specific. T…

Havoc Moments (whatever havoc means)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

The day before yesterday, I was craving to try the new KFC Cheesy Cheese Balls (ke apa nama dia) and it had been long since I ate my last KFC chicken u.u So I instantly texted my Bonda Syafiqah to take me out yesterday. Aku suruh jugaklah dia ajak Piah, sebab takkan dua orang je kan, tak syiok ah berdua xD I also asked Kakti and 'Ainul but they were unavailable to some obvious reasons (they preferred sleeping at home -_-). Kakti la, 'Ainul maybe takde orang nak hantar kot.

So at 10am, Syafiqah arrived with Sofiah (in pink! I was wearing pink, too, lol, so the three of us were all pinkish) and I prohibited them from entering my room (not because it was a mess, whatever) but to save time hahahahahaha. Then, we were off to KFC Pantai Batu Burok. Sadly there weren't any cheesy balls because it was before 12 noon, so they only served breakfast sets. Huh.

Whilst making up our minds on the menus
Aku: Order Variety Bucket jelah senang..…

The Day I Finally Feel Old

Salam. This entry's title is just so overrated, I'm so sorry. I feel old all the time, people! -_- because I am, I'm getting older and older each day and the same goes to everyone, no one grows younger every day -.- But maybe today's event is topping the list of the times I feel this way. Finally I'm going to learn to drive a freaking car (which I thought was easy years back aherr herr).

Yeah I took that law course KPP two weeks ago and was asked to decide a date to take the theory computer test. 'Ainul chose today's date, so did I. We are Buddyz, takkan terpisah lols.

The place to take the test is at Bukit Payung (or Payong, whichever you fancy). There's also another one in Kuala Terengganu area, but I preferred Bukit Payung because it's closer to my house. Soooooo, I went there this morning, before eight, wearing baju kurung and all, SANDALS. I almost forgot to bring my IC, until I'd decided to ask Ummi, "Ummi, kena bawak IC tak?" a…

That Phone Call of Smiles and Cute Things

Salam. My brother called me this evening, he thought he was remembering something to say to me. Well, I wasn't that surprised to hear him ask, "Semalam birthday Afi kan?" hahahahhaa. Yesterday was 14th December whereas my birthday is on 14th January. Don't worry, Amuh, it's not that far-strayed. Hihihi. But I didn't think that was the real reason he called me, there was another cause. My brother, who never expressed anything emotional to me, suddenly had the urge to tell me his feelings today ;^;

Our conversation was like,
Amuh : Afiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Me : yeahhh?
Amuh : Haaaa....semalam birthday Afi kan?
Aku : ....??!!... hei bukanlah!
Amuh : Oh ye ke...
Aku : Semalam 14 Disember. Birthday saye 14 Januari lah!
Amuh : Oh... Malunyeeeeeeeeeeee -_-

Then I told Ummi about him calling me. Somehow I know he couldn't bother Kakngah to tell anything since she's departing for Palestine tomorrow. And there's only me, because we are the only three in the family…

When The Darkness Comes...

Underneath the echoes Buried in the shadows There you were
Drawn into your mystery I was just beginning To see your ghost But you must know
I'll be here waiting Hoping, praying that The sky will guide you home When you're feeling lost I'll leave my love Hidden in the sun For when the darkness comes
Now the door is open The world I knew is broken There's no return Now my heart is not scared Just knowing that you're out there Watching me So believe
I'll be here waiting Hoping, praying that The sky will guide you home When you're feeling lost I'll leave my love Hidden in the sun For when the darkness comes
Oh oh oh For when the darkness comes
Be here waiting Hoping, praying that The sky will guide you home When you're feeling lost I'll leave my love Hidden in the sun For when the darkness comes
Hidden in the sun For when the darkness comes

― When The Darkness Comes by Colbie Caillat
I think I'm a fan of slow steady songs. And this song, this v…

Favourite Cartoons During my Childhood -_-

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Hari ini sebab I have no recent events to update about, so I'm posting on something I think might be nostalgic to me aherrherr. During my younger days (I'm still young but you know I'm talking 'bout those times when I was a little kiddo), I remember Walid started to install Astro when I was seven, and Akademi Fantasia 1 was famous at the time, so I loved watching it despite Walid's warning that I shouldn't watch it :D So back then I was a good deceiver, I only bukak Akademi Fantasia when Walid wasn't around :3

Masa tu aku minat Khai wakakakakakaka, but oh well he got second place, I still liked him :P

But Akademi Fantasia wasn't my prior love, I was SEVEN, of course my passion was cartoons. And it was good to have Walid subscribing the Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon channels. Sooooooo, I constantly watched Powerpuff Girls and Totally Spies because they rocked so much. Mostly because they were cute girls…

My Life After SPM

Assalamualaikum anda!

It feels really weird these days, after SPM. Well, that has passed loooooooong ago (yea right it has been just only a week -_-)

Yeahhh the abnormal part comes when my Ummi doesn't even nag anymore; 'bout me studying. No more

"Fiiiiii studyyyyy ke studoooo" "Adikkkk study dok lagi" "Fiiii wat gapo tuh? Study keeee"
and some other things on studying

and also, "Banyok teh beli buku! Buku belajar ado dok? Tadok?!"

Or Kakak would be like

"Ni apa beli buku cerita banyak sangat! Buku study takdok pun!" "Study lah Fiey ehhh jangan internet sajaaaa" "Awak dah study PSI ke belom?!"
But now...

Takde pun orang bising aku nak buat pabenda. Beli buku banyak banyak pun slamber dek je -_- That other day when I just got back from KL, with all the books (there are 10 new books to be exact) scattered all around the floor of my room, my Kakak got into my room. I saw her face, with all the books kan. Then,

Birthday Event - Nur Athirah!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Selamat Hari Jadi yang ke-17 kepada sahabat baik yang comell momell, Kakti a.k.a Nur Athirah! Orang lain dah nak masuk umur 18 tahun, dia baru masuk 17 tskkkk sedeyyyy bangettt! Hahaha. Actually her birthday was on 9th December but we went to celebrate it a day later since I was in KL that 9th December morning. Already made plans with Syafiqah and 'Ainul days earlier, and no, it wasn't a surprise birthday celebration. Aku dah bagitahu Kakti awal-awal. Just in case if she wasn't around (or her parents wouldn't let her go out), takkan aku, Piqah and Ainul keluar nak sambut birthday Kakti tapi Kakti takde? Jangan buat lawak tak kelakar kat sini xD

Sooooooooooooooo, I SMSed Piqah, asking her if she would drive us all to Pizza Hut Giant (where else? xD). The original plan was to gather at my house (Piqah and Ainul) at 9am or so, then go fetch Kakti at her house, but SOMEONE woke up late 'cause she said she couldn't sleep …