01/01/13 - 27


Okay seriously people will think I'm going nuts o.O All these posts about Twilight and Merlin and Colin Morgan. But who cares? I don't. As a matter of fact, I do stuffs I like all the time, without other people criticizing me what to do, meow. It's so awesome to be me, myself and I, woohoo!

So, happy 27th birthday, my sweetest ever Colin Morgan! You don't know me, but I suppose you'd appreciate your fans, especially a devoted one like me *lol* Thank you for being our Merlin these five years! We were rather hoping that there might be Merlin Season 6 but I hope not, five seasons are the best. I don't want the story to go on, endless. Might get boring in the future.

Oh yeaaaa, Colin's birthday reminds me of my own. I'm gonna be seventeen year old, myself soon. And it freaks me out. Seriously, seventeen?! Am not afraid of the so-called SPM (but a lil bit somehow lewlz), but I have only a year to attend high school. It's not that I'm bragging about it, but I don't think I'm OLD enough. I still feel like I'm thirteen *oh so younggg* -_-

When people asked me, "How old are you?" I hesitated before saying, "Seventeen...?" and I was tempted to say, "I'm thirteen and not counting. Lol" Okay nuts again =="

And I might blog less this year. 2012 had gone mysteriously fast, and not even a hundred posts had been posted here!


Tahun 2012 ni paling banyak kenangan *padahal setiap tahun tu kenangan ada nak dekat sejuta huahua*. Tapi each year, we tend to appreciate little things more and more. Bila semakin dewasa ni, semua benda bermakna. When something bad happens, kita macam down gila tapi lepas tu kite recover balik sebab kita tahu benda tu memang dah ditakdirkan terjadi.
Kalau ikut hukum Newton yang ketiga: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Banyak benda yang dah berlaku dalam setahun ni, untuk aku. Something unexpected. Gila banyak woh. Aku dah jadi diri aku yang lain. And I'm still expecting changes from myself. Antara benda yang aku tak jangka berlaku ialah;
  • Best friends with Auni and Nadhirah. How could we?! I thought I'd never be this close to them. I thought Nadhirah was too good to befriend me, then I came to think of it, maybe I was the one thinking bad things about people oh noooooo! And seriously, AUNI?! How did she change that much?! :')
  • I became a cyber prefect. Macamana aku boleh tergerak hati nak mintak jadi pengawas? At that time, I didn't tell my parents about it. After the interview, then I told them :D I thought they would decide against it, but...alhamdulillah yay they approved!
  • Working together with unexpected amazing people.
  • Result aku jatoh teruk, for final exam. But still I am placed in the second class T_T Oh Allah... Thank you so much! xxxx
  • Ups and downs in being a leader. Yeah, it sucks but it's a part of me now. I have to be strong x.x
  • Twilight and Merlin. The finales.


Uh okay serious comel ._. #Seriously Colin, do you have to be that charming and cute? :3


Goodbye 2012. Goodbye Twilight. Goodbye Merlin. I'm leaving all of you behind.
Goodbye, sixteen-year-old me.
Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim. Starting 2013. Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia. 11A+s. Pray for us. For dunya and akhirah. For everything that's good. InsyaAllah.

Okay, folks (or forks? x]) I need to go to sleep now. I intentionally stay up late since I know I'm not going to get an early sleep the night before the first day of school. Oh yes, I'm gonna start schooling tomorrow! Rawwwwr :3 Terengganu doesn't take the New Year's Eve leave. We'll have our day off on Hijrah's New Year, not Gregorian. Pingponggg! So YEAH.

Goodbye 2012. Welcome, SPM. Yes, I greet you with a hug.