Assalamualaikum peopleee!
ATTENTION: Mohon sediakan baldi atau gayung atau mangkuk sebelum meneruskan pembacaan entri ini. Saya tidak bertanggungjawab ke atas perkara yang tidak diingini. Heeee.

Angel. It's a name (secret name or secret code) to address 'someone'. Let's just use Angel as A. Well, A is not someone special, but I don't know muahaha -_- I feel awkward writing this post about him. He won't know, haha, that's for sure because A doesn't have any clue if he's A or B or anything *smiles*. He's the definiton of a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as beauty, purity, or kindliness. Is he? Really? Can I say that to him? GIRLS, do you think so?

I would probably get mocked at school anytime soon, surely x.x Don't worry I won't be writing mainly about A. It's just a warm up. Wahaha. And something to piss everyone off xD HELLO KAKTI 'AINUL ALYA PIAH PIQAH BAYYIN! YOU READING THIS? I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER WRITE A POST ABOUT ANGEL BUT DON'T BLAME ME, SO ALL EYES ON KAKTIIIIII XD #serious, hari tu kakti mesej suh saye tulis pasal angel buweekkkk

So I started having a crush on this 'Angel' guy maybe a year ago. Before that I never knew he existed (you know, it's always like that, no one notices anyone). Well actually I did know him as a different him ._. But then he changed, yeah something liddat. And after that, time flies so fast. I like-hate him. He's so annoying with that stupid grin -..- But my besties just call that grin a SMILE, and then 'Ainul created him a name --- SMILING ANGEL. ARE YOU SERIOUS, PPL?! #Okay actually he does smile -_-

We (as in me and my best friends) decided the name Smiling Angel is too mainstream (and making everyone vomits), we call him Angel. Before that, he was called with several names *lol*. No need to mention that other names. Okay done about Angel. Is this real or just another crush? That's a question. I don't want to think about it right now 'cause I have tons of important things to do rather than thinking about him. I hope it's just a crush wahaha --"


Right, he's my Angel! HAHAHA SCREWED! XD

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