A story so beautiful - The Impossible

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Recently my friends came for a sleepover at my house, three days two nights waaaaaa like a holiday vacation mehhh (but it was! XD)! We were supposed to study more less movies but of course it turned out to be the other way round. At least we studied a bit......... Ngahaha. Watching horror movies early in the morning, after breakfast so that it would not be as creepy as watching at night lololol And Kuch Kuch Hota Hai *lol*, and the most beauuuuuuutiful movie I've ever seen, The Impossible.

Sebelum tu tengok Misiku Kuza, then ada iklan movie The Impossible tu for Astro First. Then Makcik Ainul pun terus cari cerita tu lepas habis Misiku Kuza. I was totally against it, because I don't like sad movies T_T But of course, they ignored me (like always -_-) and we watched the touchinggg movie. Kakti slept right away -..-" Everyone was keenly watching, she was snoring soundly zzzzz


At first I was like, "What the hell iz wrong with diz woman?" because she seemed so blur and nothing (and there was no appropriate subtitle so we couldn't understand the words they were saying much). The subtitle wasn't in English or Malay so yeahhhh -_- I think it's Germany kot, or Spanish IDK because it was not understandable.

Then, when the waves came, I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" and Lucas met his Mom and they met Daniel the cute kid who Maria loved instantly :') Oh and the wound on Maria's thigh....... Lemme die T_T We were all "AAAaaaaarghhhh!" because the wound was so deep and we knew Maria had been blood-poisoned and she was dying (somehow I thought about Peeta Mellark when his leg got cut by Cato's sword T..T)

And there was that reuniting scene.... Simon was so cute screaming for Lucas, "LUCAS!!!!!" AAAAAAA! I almost died of Simon being so cute x.x Thomas! Thomas was so responsible for Simon that it touched my heart. When Lucas finally hugged his brothers, and kissed them repeatedly, okay I was crying. Sobs sobs. And another miracle, their Dad was coming for them! What a happy scene - and beautiful! Of all the 'hiruk pikuk'ness of the hospital :')


It broke my heart when their Dad's friend saw them reuniting and told the lorry driver to drive on because Dad wouldn't be riding with them anymore. Then they all went for their mother, and Maria was about to go for a surgery, when a woman told her that she would do anything to meet her children again. Oh the agony of sadness. After all the hardship, they went on a plane to go for Maria's treatment in Singapore.

And in the plane, Lucas took off his "LOST CHILD" sticker and stared at it. The Dad reached into his pocket and took out a note from his friend's wife telling him that they (the wife and two children) were going to the beach before the tsunami happened. And Maria stared down at her right arm "MURIEL BENNET". All of that were reminders of what they had gone through.....

So much spoilers. Oh well. Kakngah told me long ago that the movie was inspired by a real event. She said something like "ALL THE FAMILY MEMBERS SURVIVED" and when I was watching the movie with Auni, Ainul and Sabrina, Auni kept arguing that someone was gonna die! Fine, fine! I waited throughout the whole story and no one died! SO LITERALLY I WON! XD

I really adore Thomas, he was so cute in his own way, so wise and responsible! That time when he was talking to an old woman...oh my, I didn't notice how mature he was! He was seven for crying out loud and he took great care of Simon, his sweet little brother and....*speechless* They were just so cute and there are no other words for them, okay?

I made a research and read the real story of the event. Shed a tear or two. Huwaaaaaaaa.

Allah is Almighty. He is the Greatest. No one would survive anything without Him. Alhamdulillah. *cries again* It scared me a lot, watching the movie, because in the same time I was thinking about how a disastrous wave could destroy so many things, take away so many lives and yet there were some who survive to tell the tales. And the story, to be a reminder of how Great Allah is.

English physician Maria Bennet (Watts), her Scottish husband Henry (McGregor) and their sons Lucas (Holland), Tomas and Simon are on Christmas holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, in 2004. The tsunami triggered by that year's Indian Ocean earthquake floods the area with overwhelming destructive power.

Maria and Lucas are swept away from the others by the tsunami and barely survive; Maria is severely injured but they find a displaced toddler named Daniel in the wreckage. They are later found by locals who transfer them to a local hospital where Maria encourages Lucas to occupy himself assisting in any way he can, which leads to him searching for various strangers for their relatives at the facility. Due to a mix-up, the hospital staff believes she has died and takes Lucas to a tent where children without families are being held. Maria has surgery on her injured chest and is mistakenly labeled as someone else; She is eventually reunited with Lucas, but remains in a highly fragile medical state waiting to be deemed fit for further surgery on her leg wound.

Elsewhere, Henry, Tomas and Simon have survived the tsunami themselves together, although the father is injured. Henry places the children into a vehicle supposed to take tourists to a safe place while he remains behind to search for Maria and Lucas. Ultimately further injured while failing to find them, he arrives at the evacuation point, only to discover that Tomas and Simon have been sent elsewhere. Communication facilities are scarce, but a tourist named Karl, who was also separated from his family by the tsunami, lends Henry his cell phone to contact his relatives and volunteers to accompany Henry to look for Maria and Lucas.

Henry and Karl search for their families in various places before they arrive at the hospital where Maria and Lucas are. The vehicle carrying Tomas and Simon stops outside the hospital; the family eventually reunites. Maria has surgery which she survives and the following day the family boards an ambulance airplane to Singapore arranged by their insurance company for further treatment for Maria.
#Sorry for the usage of just "Dad" because I forgot his name was Henry lololol

And meanwhile....seriously, BENNET?! Ohhhh, the pride....and prejudice. Lol.

Okay enough of The Impossible. Today I was about to edit the font for this blog when suddenly I couldn't find the codes!!!!!!!!!! OH NO BLOGGER KILLED ME FOR A SECOND THERE!

Oh I thought I would never be able to edit my blog again, like I always do! Luckily I'm awesome and found the button there, or else............... I was thinking about making my blog stay like this until I'm married *lol* ARGHHHH THE RELIEF! It sucks though, that they have deleted the previous templates, now it's all about Designer Template (which I don't really fancy). Arrrrr I am still recovering from the shock I experienced today with the missing codes! *shudders*

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  1. Last year my family and I caught the Impossible at the cinemas. Great movie. AND YEA I ALSO FOUND THE MARIA'S WOUND ON HER THIGH PART GRUESOME OH GOD
    Oh God
    Oh my god
    completely terkopek like cucuk taufu and blood was spilling to the flood water and she didnt even feel the pain omg

  2. Btw lawak oh bahagian Fifiey panik tak tahu mana nak edit HTML hehehehehe


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