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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Okay , sempena memenuhi masa yang ada sepanjang cuti ni , aku ingat nak buat fanfic . Sambungan dari yang ini  :). (post ni dah lama dalam draft okfainggg)

So , nama fanfic ni Fanfic Zeroland .

Seperti biasa , permulaan fanfic mesti dengan gambar Merlin and Arthur xDDD .

Merlin was promised to meet someone near the woods. He received a note about it. But, the one who gave him the note didn't show up yet. Edward appeared suddenly.

Merlin : It was you who sent the letter, Edward?
Edward : And it was YOU who read it?!
Merlin : Well, it was on my bed.
Edward : I thought it was Arthur's!
Merlin : I'm a SERVANT, Edward. And he's a prince! Are you that stupid to recognize a servant's room and a prince's? I have no idea why Bella thinks you're hot.
Edward : How did you even know her?
Merlin : Secret.
Edward : Oh, please! Tell me, tell me, tell me!
Merlin : What's wrong with you? Are you high on blood?

Merlin rolled his eyes. Edward was still staring at him with his yellow eyes.

Merlin : What do you want from Arthur?
Edward : What is the meaning of that question?
Merlin : The letter?
Edward : So, it's Arthur I want to talk to. Not his servant.
Merlin : Then, next time put the letter at the right place!

Jacob showed up silently and frowned towards Merlin and Edward's argument.

Jacob : Oh, please. Stop it. You BOTH are acting like germs.
Merlin : I'm sorry - what was it you were saying, Jacob? Was it germs or jerks?
Jacob : What's the difference?
Edward : Dog.
Jacob : Don't start it, Leech.
Merlin : Wow! How exciting it would be! Leech versus Dog. Who would win this? I'm so thrilled!

BANG! Merlin's head was hit by a shield. He brushed his aching head. He looked up to see Arthur walking towards them.

Arthur : I'm sorry, guys. Merlin is strangely insane lately.
Merlin : You think my head is made up of some kind of hard stone or WHAT?!
Jacob : Who is this proud-looking guy over here?
Merlin : You don't know him? * frowning *
Emmet : He's supposed to be the ruler of Camelot, but, he's a brat, so the people overthrew him from the throne.

Arthur fetched his sword.

Arthur : What did you just say?!
Emmet : HELP! Arthur wants to kill me, I'm terrified! Please help me! * faking a sob *
Merlin : Easy, Arthur. First, you can't kill him with that mighty sword of yours. Second, Emmet is...quite right. You are a brat.
Jacob : Yeah, yeah. I got it, he's a total jerk.
Edward : Look who's talking.
Merlin : In case you didn't realize, you are shouting, too, Emmet.
Arthur : Stop.
Everybody stared at Arthur Pendragon. He was clutching a piece of note. Merlin noticed it was the note that Edward had mistakenly put on his bed.

Arthur : What do you want, Edward? And why is this note in your pocket, Merlin?
Merlin : Edward misplaced it. He thought my bedroom was yours. I don't get it, though. He's supposed to be very brilliant.
Edward : I just want to speak to Arthur!
Arthur : Save your words. Speak up.
Edward : Need help. There's a vampire lurking somewhere in your kingdom. He's dangerous, really dangerous. Legend says he was a very powerful wizard before he became a vampire. He tried to kill a baby with the Kill Curse, but it wouldn't work for several times. He came back for revenge, I think.
Merlin : Wait a sec! I think I've heard the story somewhere!
Edward : Yes, yes! Lemme get on with this. Now, we're going to find this baby, who is now a boy. His name is Harry Potter.
Emmet : But how did you know?
Edward : * blushing * I played a game called Quidditch with him. My house - Hufflepuff - against his house - Gryffindor. You know...the school I attended when I was eleven until I was sixteen and I died as hero, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Merlin : You're Cedric Diggory, then?
Edward : * blushing madly * Yeah. How did you know?
Merlin : * smug look * I read books, okay.
Arthur : How are we going to find him?
Edward : Don't worry. The dog can sense him easily. Right, pup?

Jacob didn't mind to give any attention to Edward. He kept gazing everywhere except on Edward. Merlin made a face to Edward.
Edward : What?
Merlin : If you want to have someone's help, you need to mean it. Don't say bad words to the guy before you ask for his help.
Jacob : Merlin got a point there.
Edward : Fine, please, Jacob. We need your help. No swearing.

Jacob shot an eyebrow.

Jacob : That's weird.
Merlin : What?
Jacob : Edward seems so...not annoying. He listens to you, Merlin.
Emmet : That's because Edward thinks he cannot say bad things to you, Jacob, before asking for your help. After this, he'll call you a puppy again.

Edward grinned.

Arthur : You vampire guys are so bizarre. Let's get going. If we're going to track this Harry-wizard boy, we have to be fast.
Merlin : Wait....why are we searching for Harry again? Why don't we just look for that evil vampire who wants revenge? And kill him?
Edward : Because he's evil....?
Jacob : Okay, I get this. Edward's afraid of him because that vampire guy killed him in his past life. True?
Edward : That is entirely not true!
Emmet : Well, actually it is, Ed.
Arthur : Don't you want revenge, Edward? We can go find the evil vampire and kill him. He's alone, so he won't stand a chance.
Merlin : * making a face * As far as I know, that evil wizard who turned vampire is named Voldemort, or Lord Voldemort. He made the name from his own name, Tom Marvolo Riddle. He's a psycho because no one in his right mind would name himself as LORD.
Edward : NO! Don't say his name! He'll come to you!
Merlin : * sighs * He's a vampire, like you, Edward honey, so he won't have such magical powers anymore. You lost your wizard power a long time ago, haven't you?
The wind was blowing hard in their faces. All of them closed their eyes to protect them from the strong wind, and when they opened....
Edward : I told you, MERLIN!
Merlin : What?! It's just Harry!
Harry put off his helmet and went down from his flying motorbike. He smiled genuinely at everyone, and then stared widely at Edward.
Edward : Hi, Harry.
Harry : Cedric, you're alive?!
Emmet : He's not Cedric anymore. He now goes with the name Edward. You know...he's a fan of Edward Scissorhands.
Edward : Emmet.... * gritting his teeth *
Merlin : * clearing throat * May I introduce you to Edward Anthony Mason a.k.a Cullen, Mr Harry Potter. He was your dead buddy that you played Quidditch with, but now he's the living dead. A vampire who calls himself a vegetarian, though I don't get it how feeding on blood would classify himself as a vegetarian.
Harry : This is awkward, you know...
Jacob : Oh, good! You're a Twitter user!
Everyone : ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jacob : You know, people on Twitter always use the word "awkward".
Merlin : Yeah, except Harry, Arthur and I are not from the 21st century, so we are not supposed to know anything about Twitter...or Facebook!
Writer of the fanfic: Sorry....
Arthur took out his phone and called someone. After a while, an armoured-knight showed up next to Arthur. Merlin looked suspicious. Edward and Emmet were noticeably not feeling at ease.
Arthur : This is... Sir Kim Hyun Joong.
Kim Hyun Joong lifted his metal mask off, and he was smiling. Merlin fell onto his knees and his hands covered his face.
Emmet : Just let me die now, please.
Edward : Yeah, and Jacob, please tell Bella I love her. Nessie, too. I give you the permission to marry them both.
Jacob : No way, I'm going to die with you.
Merlin : Since when did you start having bromance?!
Harry : What's going on? * taking out his wand *
Arthur : Errrr....
Kim Hyun Joong : Hello again, nice people! The last time we met, one of you killed an orange. And I was about to be bitten by a vampire.
Merlin : * murmuring to self * Which part of nice did he not understand? I don't understand how killing and biting people would be considered nice.
Emmet and Edward : I agree with you, Merlin.
Kim Hyun Joong : I heard him, too, you know! What a nice thing to say to me!
Merlin : Arthur! How could you make him your knight!?
Arthur : Well, he begged...
Merlin : And you took him?! I wish I had a wand so that I could "Avada Kedavra" you.
Harry : I can give you mine, but... It's no good to use that spell! It will cause destruction and deaths!
Emmet : Pah, Harry. By the way Merlin, you can do it with your bare hands. You always do magic without a wand, so why is this time any different?
Merlin : Because Harry's here. We have to respect him. * bows to Harry *
Jacob : And now we're in Japan. * makes a face and bows to everyone *
To be continued. LOL


  1. fifiey,this st0ry make me remember to chain story-telling coz there are prince and vampire! LOL
    Anyway,interesting story~
    bakpe dok wak gini aritu..mesti menang punyer!

  2. LoL chiiiiiiiomelllll

  3. Hey this is sooo funny. Haha enjoyed it. I'm a new reader/follower btw. :D


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