I'm strong, obviously I'm not invincible


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♫ Right from the start you were a thief you stole my heart and I your willing victim ♪

Sighs. I was hoping that this feeling wouldn't overwhelm me, but it turns out it does. Argh. Just give me a reason! A reason! Why am I being like this, feeling total lost because....! I shouldn't be so pathetic right now. It's just...just...just that, okay! Get over it, just get over it get over get over it! {and then Edward's vision would form in front of me saying "I hope you enjoy disappointment." ugh} Because I can't JUST get over it! I'm not broken...or maybe I am, or not... Or I'm just crazy *huh*

I think everyone can tell I'm broken or not if I keep listening to these songs;

  • Just Give Me A Reason
  • When I Was Your Man
  • My Happy Ending

Let me take a deep breath........ *inhales all oxygen in the world* Ops sorry, don't die because I took your oxygen, go ask the green plants to make oxygen for you! Hurry hurry! But of course they can't do anything, it's already dark and without sunlight they won't be able to carry out photosynthesis, so I'm sorry if you're gasping for oxygen, please just be kind enough and give all of the oxygen to me, because I desperately need all of it! :'(

What a massive breakdown. I hope I'll be okay. I can't even tell anyone. But I don't have a best friend for nothing. She is asking the same question as me, WHY...? Maybe she doesn't believe the story I told her, I'm trying hard not to either, but...deep down I sort of, kind of, have this feeling that says the story is true. *sighs* She's also having problems of her own, so... I shouldn't burden her with this stupid reason of mine.

Yeaaaaaaaah riiiiiiiiiiiiight, just give me a reason.

Lyrics To My World<3

Okay. I didn't know it would turn out to be like this. The perks of being a "normal" girl. As normal as I can be. You either have to be abnormal, weird, super-awesome, great to be loved, to get attention and to be admired or something. Zzzzzz. So yeah, I'm gonna be normal, normal me.... Ugh, I don't really care what people think of me (errr not sure this is the truth or vice versa -.-), people can say anything to me, but I never care as much as I care for.... Huh. Soooooooooooooooo I should stop self-pitying right now, aye?

Downloaded Virtual Villagers 4: Tree of Life, today. To just play games once in a while, to keep things off my mind for a second. Then my Dad got into my room, and the laptop got hung in the middle of quitting Virtual Villagers, so he snapped to me that I should stop playing games, enough playing games. Oh God why... Why... What is wrong with me... Am I that stupid? I JUST FREAKING DOWNLOAD THE GAME TODAY AND MY LAPTOP DECIDED TO HANG EXACTLY WHEN MY DAD CAME INTO MY ROOM?!

I've got so many things in my sane mind right now, that are driving me insane. Pray for my sanity. Just please.



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