Birthday Event - Nur Athirah!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Selamat Hari Jadi yang ke-17 kepada sahabat baik yang comell momell, Kakti a.k.a Nur Athirah! Orang lain dah nak masuk umur 18 tahun, dia baru masuk 17 tskkkk sedeyyyy bangettt! Hahaha. Actually her birthday was on 9th December but we went to celebrate it a day later since I was in KL that 9th December morning. Already made plans with Syafiqah and 'Ainul days earlier, and no, it wasn't a surprise birthday celebration. Aku dah bagitahu Kakti awal-awal. Just in case if she wasn't around (or her parents wouldn't let her go out), takkan aku, Piqah and Ainul keluar nak sambut birthday Kakti tapi Kakti takde? Jangan buat lawak tak kelakar kat sini xD

Sooooooooooooooo, I SMSed Piqah, asking her if she would drive us all to Pizza Hut Giant (where else? xD). The original plan was to gather at my house (Piqah and Ainul) at 9am or so, then go fetch Kakti at her house, but SOMEONE woke up late 'cause she said she couldn't sleep until 4am in the morning, so I had to ask Piqah drive all the way to Kampung Rawai. Nasib baik aku ingat lagi jalan rumah 'Ainul, kalau tak, sejam pulak sesatnya! xD

Piqah arrived at around 9am lah. 'Ainul texted me the night before she would be at my house around that time, too but it was nearly 9.50am and she hadn't showed up. Aku apa lagi, telepon lah dia. No answer, so tunggulah lagi. After a while someone called me... Hahhaa with cute I'm-just-awake-from-sleep voice.

Aku: Helo?
'Ainul: ...
Aku: Heloooooooooo
'Ainul: Ho, Fiey...
Aku: Waiii?
'Ainul: Saye dok gi ah kot. Saye baru bangun..
Aku: Lolllllllllllllll k takpe ah awok siap-siap, saye gi ambik awok kat rumoh ngan Piqah k!
'Ainul: Takyoh ah, nyusoh jer...
Aku: Ahhh biar ah! Gi siap! Bai!

Hahahaha there goes my wicked self xD And so we went to pick 'Ainul up, at 11.00am baru sampai rumah Kakti. After that, swooosh! Off to Giant. It was raining, not cats and dogs, but it rained continuously all day. Piqah and Kakti stayed in the car to find a parking spot, 'Ainul and I went to get a cake and maggi ('Ainul la kalau pelik-pelik camni xD). And then we got a Black Forest cake. Dan aku rasa macam pernah jumpa baker tu somewhere, macam cashier dekat Secret Recipe. Ainul buat lawak suruh tanya, "Bang, abang pernah kerja kat Secret Recipe tak?" dan abang cashier tu gelabah awkward aku tak paham kenapa -_-

(dan ada orang letak Maggi dekat rak roti sebab dia malas letak balik dekat rak Maggi)

Then we thought about our plan to buy Kakti a rabbit bear as a present. And yayyyyyyyy ada terjual rabbit comel berdekatan! So I went with Ainul to get it (Ainul did all the talking because I am a shy girl hahaha) so that rabbit with Kakti in the first pic up there, is the one we bought for Kakti! :D

We ate and celebrated and joked with our son's missing albino buffalo still missing (hoi what are you talking) K ngarowt! We ordered the new pizza-whatever-the-name-is, Olio Prawn Spaghetti. That was all. YES, tu je. Biasa kalau keluar empat orang, mesti order makan untuk 16 orang -_- We didn't have that much bucks soooo yeahhhh needed to save for petrol pulak (eh?) hihihi. Lepas makan, someone ajak pergi pantai, with the rain and all kan. Piqah ikotkan ajer, but we stayed in the car in front of the sea -.-

Since it was raining and we couldn't get out of the car, we took self-pics.

Lepas dah puas buat hal kat pantai -__- kiteorang pergi rumah Didi my soulmateeeeeeeeeee <3 just to say "Hi!". Didi wouldn't let us come because she had flu, but I insisted anyway hahaha. But we really did go and say "Hi!" with her twin brothers looking bemused with the situation xD

Then, Kakti nak pergi rumah Haslyna. OK malas nak cerita sebab kiteorang sesat jauh gila dari rumah dia sebab Haslyna tak reti bagi direction, fail terusssssss! xD She didn't even tell the obvious landmarks, instead she gave away the name of HOTLINK store situated 2km or so after her house and KEDAI SATE ORI 1km before zzzzzt For one freaking hour we tirelessly looked for her house and when we were on the verge of giving up, I FOUND THE HOTLINK store pffft -_-

So kiteorang singgah rumah Haslyna lama jugak. Solat Zohor sekali. And it was Haslyna's birthday, 10th December, soooo we celebrated her birthday, too. The Black Forest cake we bought hadn't been eaten because we were too full ourselves after Pizza Hut, so we dug in at Haslyna's house lepas solat apa semua. Took some pictures (thanks to adik Haslyna a.k.a kembar Haslyna sebab muka sama -_-)

The birthday girlssssss

Kakti anggun (aaaaaa serious Ti awok comel sangat masa ni macam muka Pb sikit hahaha)

Black Forest cake. Aku tak pernah makan. And I never knew what cakes really taste like, especially the ones that aren't from Secret Recipe sebab aku rasa macam sama je. Sooooooo I didn't know what this cake tasted like. One thing for sure, I didn't eat the cherry because I don't like fruits mixed with sweet-desert things (and I don't really like cherry lol)

'Ainul being the motherly girl she is, hehehehehe. Ehhh waitt where's my Bondaaaaaa <3

The only non-BPDS in the pic is me... :')))))))

The photographers. Kononla. 'Ainul sampai ke sudah tak reti guna and then I said, "Heh heh bak sini, awak tu bukan cyberrrr. Cyberrr je pandai buat!" hahahaha ahhh k one day I'm gonna have my own DSLR but in the mean time I'm OK with my pink digital camerawrrr

Final pic together. Happy birthday, both Hasle and Kakti! :D

Sakan gila pergi jalan. Hehehe. A lot thanks to our one and only chauffeur, Syafiqah my loveeeeely Bondaaaaa :3 And to 'Ainul for agreeing to celebrate this and go on with the plansssss I love you so muchhhhh muahmuahmuah arrrrr it was such a dread to have no Alya around if she was, it would be super-duper-awesome. And also to Kaktiiiiiiiii, happy birthday budak comel manja motmot! Make sure anak Kak Na lahir 14th January ehhhhh xD

Love you, Motmot! Be always a Motmot, never changeeee! Hahaha :3


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