Final Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013


First and foremost, I'm going to give all the credits to Sepahtu's fanpage on Facebook for all the pictures in this blog post.

So tonight I was watching the final episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013, which is won by Sepahtu, of course, it was expected. I had said on my Twitter that if other groups rather than Sepahtu got the first place, that was going to be a miracle. And yet the miracle didn't happen. Zero weirdness.

The Champion; Sepahtu

I don't doubt their talents, never. But somehow there were other groups that performed better than them, and those groups don't have as many fans as Sepahtu, so yeah, they had no chance to beat Sepahtu.

Last year, juaranya dapat dek Jozan. So, as a conclusion to all of these, if one of them, Jozan and Sepahtu, was ever in a competition, other groups wouldn't be given a second glance by the fans. Trust me. Though I see Jozan a little bit better than Sepahtu (I think the former Sepah was greater than Jozan, with Mamat in the group rather than Rahim. I'm not saying Rahim's not good, but Sepah first came into this lawak industry together, they fitted together with each other).

Sepah defeated Jozan in Maharaja Lawak, as far as I can remember lah kan.

I was hoping that Bocey would win the first place, against all odds, with them being newbies in this reality TV show. They were consistent since the first week, doubtless and I admire them for that. With Abam the comels tu kan, his face is innocent all the time! And those two alongside him, bullying him all the time (not to mention AC Mizal -_-). Bocey's the best!

Second runner up, BOCEY!

I like them so much but I knew they wouldn't win, but them getting the third place is something, right! I was thinking that Nabil would somehow get the third place, or maybe Jambu (oh poor Jambu T.T), but no, the third place belongs to Bocey! :D I'm happy for them.

But there was also Jambu. They joined the last Maharaja Lawak Mega, right? And they got second place last year, which was, of course, heart-wrenching T^T I mean, this year they only got fourth, worse than the last! I kept hoping that they would get first or second runner up, because they deserved it. Tapi dah bukan rezeki, nak cakap camana lagi.

Jambu, fourth place

Ummi said, "Tak menang Jambu ni sebab rambut tu," whahahaha sorry my family doesn't really berkenan dengan orang rambut style hawk gitu tu. Jambu even though lawak merapu, but they still nailed it every week! That part when Yus called Dato' Yusoff Haslam his "driver" was the best and funniest!

Well, all I hope for Jambu is that they would join MLM2014 and grab the first place (that is, if there's no Shiro in it, too -_______-). You can still do it, Jambu! You have supporters all over Malaysia, and they won't let you down, not ever! I fancy you and your jokes, but I'm not a hardcore, my brother is, so...ALL THE BEST! (apa hal aku semangat sangat kbai)

Speaking of Shiro........

Wow! Pity them xD I always hate it when there were only two contestants left to be announced as the winner or the first runner up, yang dapat second place tu mesti kena pinggir tahap friendzoned because the emcee decided to announce the winner first. Then, when he was about to shout for the first runner up, the situation wouldn't be as anxious/nervous anymore because all of the attention had gone to the winner :'(

That was what happened to Shiro.

Shiro the first runner up!!!!

Their performances were always okay and steady, with a bang here and there. Seriyes diorang memang osem, this Shiro. I won't argue with the decision, them getting the second place. I'm proud to say, I'm their fan! Hahaha, I adore Jep Sepahtu, but my favourite group is Shiro. Hihi :3

Consistency, that was what they showed throughout MLM2013.

Sepanjang final night of MLM2013 ni, I didn't feel that much of excitement. Just okay-okay. None of the big laughter and rolling on the floor (or in my case, on the sofa) scenes. Last week was a blast, awesome. I think tonight all of the performances by the finalists were more to nervousness, being the final night and all kan. Nevertheless, they were all okay, well, except for Nabil.

Last place, Nabil

Woots! I thought Bocey was going to be the last, but it turned out they didn't! Yayyyy for Nabil hehe. I don't despise Nabil but I think his lack of ideas are somehow frustrating, but it's okay, at least he got RM15000 all to himself. No one's going to give you that much money out of nothing -..-

I don't know why I'm so excited on posting about MLM2013. Let me point a few things. First, I like AC's style tonight, no more of that seluar ketat thing-y -__- though his outfit (the conteng conteng pattern on the coat) seemed to bother my parents and sister, whatever. Second, AC was the perfect dancer and back-up hahaaha. Third, I will always hate Luna Maya's and Nora Danish's dress (and Nora's hair and make up) -_- Like seriously, seram weh

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sebenarnya aku harap sangat tetiba Jozan munculkan muka diorang, did a show or whatever, I just wanted to see them live on stage! Until the very end, I thought that they were going to burst out of one of the stage doors and presented the Juara trophy to Sepahtu huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'( They haven't had any show together since Lawak Ke Der 2, have you noticed? ):

Huuu shedeyyy ;^;

Tempat pertama got RM500,000. Fuh. Imam Muda tak dapat banyak macam tu. Apatah lagi Pencetus Ummah. Hmm, takpelah, dah dunia sekarang kan. :)

Byebye (-3-)y

p/s: tak kisah lah siapa yang menang, dah rezeki masing-masing. but aku still kesian kat Jambu, jap nak nangis :'( banyak spekulasi kenapa Sepahtu menang, dah kalau tak puas hati tu, memang lah tak nak kasi Sepahtu menang, but I believe semua Jep punya angkara, his charms.... wow xDDD jangan pertikai, dah takdir Allah. Sepahtu menang tahun ni, tahun depan tak boleh masuk dah. Yang lain tu ada chance lagi ;)