Happy belated birthday my love and congratulations!

Assalamualaikum all of youuuuuu

This is a sum-up post.

Last 4th February was my beloved jimbit's birthday, 'Ainul Munirah. We (Syafiqah, Kakti, Sofiah, Alya and I) were supposed to do a sudden visit to her house on the stated date, BUT -- of course, it didn't happen. Mainly because I was the head of that plan, so yeah I literally don't know how to do it! -_-

So, no surprise birthday celebration, because I was so bad at planning surprises l(-.-l) Well, memang lah tak boleh nak kejutan sangat sebab both 'Ainul and I got driving classes on that day (and it was Tuesday, a school day, so 'Ainul had transportation problem). Jadi dia pulak yang kena tunggu aku habis latihan kereta tu, then baru-lah Syafiqah & Sofiah sampai.

Then, teruih pi rumah Kakti sambil bincang dengan Piqah dalam kereta (aku duduk seat depan), while Piah was distracting 'Ainul with random conversations pastu tetiba diam. Nak berbisik pun 'Ainul dengar, haktuih! Di mana kejutannya?! xD
'Ainul: Kita nak gi mana ni?
Piqah: Um tak tahu gokkk
Aku: Aherrherr

Misteri xD Gi rumah Kakti, main ngan baby Insyirah (seriously 'Ainul suka kacau babies, ada ke patut Insyi tengah tidur dia gi goyang goyang badan budak tuh suruh bangun -..-)

All single and available. Boleh contact saya kalau berkenan nak buat bakal orang rumah xDDD

We went to Secret Recipe untuk makan-makan. Sekali lah sebab situ ada cake yang tak berapa nak murah tu ahaks.

Alahai comelnya mereka...tanpa saya :'))) xD

Lepas tu lepak rumah Kakti solat Zohor Asar apa semua, tengok cerita kat laptop Kakti tak sempat habis sebab asek nak mati je laptop tu sebab connection wayar longgar ke apa entah -______- Spoil betei spoil!

Selfie otw balik dari rumah Atie

Oh Alya tak dapat nak join because she had to attend her English class she goes to at the library. Sebenaqnya boleh je tapi sebab ada sedikit misunderstanding, so tak jadi ah. Lagipun masa tu dah dekat Secret Recipe. Tak boleh pergi ambik Alya sebab kereta dah penuh. Supposedly we were to eat at Giant near the library tapi dah alang alang sampai kat bandar, terus ke SR.

Congratulations, 'Ainul!

Yes, she got married todayyyyyyyyyyyy! Oh-em-gee it never crossed my mind that one of my besties is going to get married this early! I'm so happy for her :')


*'Ainul lempang*

Ops sorry, sebenarnya Kaklong 'Ainul yang kahwin huahuahua! Tahniah Kaklong, barakallah :) Oh yayayayayy 'Ainul dapat abang ipar dah sekarang, macam Kakti. Seri pulak kami bertiga, masing-masing ada seorang je abang ipar u.u Apa ni mana aci seri, Kakak saya kawin dulu! (?) xD

Recently I went to KL for four days. Honestly, I was homesick and I was like, "Whaaaat?" maybe partly because of the hot and dry condition there. Not that Terengganu is any cooler, but the air here is more convincing. Of course la the best part was I got to go to MPH, tapi tak beli buku pun. Because... *refer previous entries xD*

These two cute notties

Asma' looooooooooooooooves to make that face whenever anyone takes pictures of her. Kaklong said she didn't even know where Asma' got that face -_-

And my bambamoo, Khadeejah

OMG she's irresistible! asdfghjkl She likes me and is comfortable with me, she feels that I'm some sort of a guardian to her (eh?) becauseeeeeeee she doesn't cry if I hold her! It is vice versa with everyone else (except for her Abi and Ummi laa) And...um, she doesn't go well with cats, either -_-

Speaking of guardian, I've seen Vampire Academy movie and it waz awezome! Thanks to my Ablong for bringing me to the cinema (and watching the movie with me because nevertheless my Walid wouldn't let me go see it alone oh well that is how the youngest is treated). I almost fainted of excitement. *faints*


They're soooo adorable awww :3

Just ditch D & L and you two be together ♥

WHY AM I SHIPPING THESE TWO INSTEAD OF THEIR REAL PARTNERS?! -_- They're so sweeeeeeeeeeeet you know and I can't even put a word for it :3

Eh wait. Zoey does look like Kristen Stewart a bit and Dominic's expressions/make-ups really reminds me of Edward Cullen. That explains it -___________-" I'm so not over Twilight yet! (okay now I tell you Vampire Academy is nothing like Twilight, it's more to friendship, loyalty and royalty political and stuffs) (but I still hate Dimitri Belikov and I won't like him, ever)

Oh, well, I probably like Dominic because he's British.

Ummi took this photo of mine and I love making faces whenever she decides to snap my pics in public. I'm a very shy person so getting my pictures where many strangers will be able to see me posing is unbearable.

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Farhana, my primary best bud, came last week on Sunday. And got me presents for my belated birthday! Thank youuuuuu i love her so muchitos :3 (ohmg do you see that grin on my face? do you see my face? why am I making faces nowadays!?)

Phewwwwwwwwwww in one blog post, I've done summing up previous events and fangirling! So this is the last one. A present to all of you (please restrain yourselves from throwing up). Seriously, I love you guys :-*

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Hi I'm a turtle

I was bored, marking Ummi's students' workbooks. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!


p/s: one of my friends' mother passed away today. though I'm not that close to her, but I sincerely feel sorry and sad for her sake T.T Al Fatihah and pray that her mother be placed amongst the best. condolences to Khairah and family :'(


  1. Wahh happy nya dia hihihihi <333333
    suka suka hahahah.
    may ur day went well as nice as u r :)

    innalillah :(

  2. @Akeyla Azmi

    happy? yes, I love making happy naughty faces xDDD

    thank you, insyaAllah :D





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