In 15 years...



In fifteen years, where would I put all of these? These novels of mine, all well arranged on my bookshelf in this pinky and peaceful room. My beloved.

I can't possibly read them until I grow old, right? When I have kids tomorrow, maybe I can read these stories to them? Or maybe I can inherit all of the books to them, teehee. But I'm thinking that, does it really suit me to be keen in reading these YA novels when I'm a mother? Definitely not! x))) It's a bizarre thought, though hahahaha

I love all of my booooooooooooooks and I'm not planning on selling them or anything because they are all mine, some of them were bought using my OWN money and the others were my parents' and siblings'. I think I'm only going to be in my own world if I don't stop reading and buying books. I don't even know why I'm reading what I read today, LOL

It all started with Twilight. And then Fallen. Others after that, I don't remember the order anymore -_- Maybe Clockwork Angel, TID. (pssst, Claire's gonna write a new series featuring the time when William and Tessa were already married and having a beautiful family!)

Currently reading Untold but I stopped at the part where everything is great and all, Jared finally hooked up with Kami yay. I cannot go on because I know how Sarah Rees Brennan is, the previous book had a heart-wrenching ending, so I doubt that the second book would be any different. Zzzzt.

(100+) vampire academy | Tumblr
In theatres

Zoey Deutch and Dominic Sherwooooooood! Oh I'm melting over Zoey Deutch a.k.a Rose Hathaway. She's awesome! And funny and cute and spontaneous ohhh I just love her!

(100+) vampire academy | Tumblr
Seeeeeee? <3
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Theo James and Shailene Woodley

These are the main protagonists of the new Hunger Games phenomena; Divergent movie. Coming soon, in March, I guess. *does the Futterwacken dance* Lol #FourTris

I wish i was truly beautiful and just didn't know it like them
Typical Four x)

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Goodbye, for now! Don't cry over me, hahahaha.


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