Mom is the rightest thing ever


Hahahahahaiiiiiiiiiiii saya eksaited tak tentu pasal. These few days asyik duk menyakat Ummi aku je huahuahua. Today I danced in front of her naughtily just before I ran away to help Walid and she was like, "I'm gonna hit you with a broom," lololol

After that I stole one of the fried chickens she was cooking and ate it like a boss. She came over to see me eating and asked, "What are you eating?" and I just showed off the bitten fried chicken at her with a sneaky grin xD Then I remarked, "Hmm this chicken is crunchy, fully cooked and delicious. Perfect, you're good!" Ummi just did the -___- face, because she knowsssssss she's a good cook I mean look at my siblings and me, we're all cutely chubby x)))

I'm proud of her, she's just amazing and all, I love her patience and noisiness, though I am not good at expressing what I feel to her (or anyone xD). She's the best mother in the world and I'm sure everyone in their right mind would feel the same way about their mothers.

Imagine her going to KL where three of her sons are living there, every single time she goes there, she'd bring delicious meals (her own cookings) to each one of them (or maybe to one of her sons' house and the other two would come and join the meal). She does that every time, despite...despite everything else, despite the sons...

Think of her facing difficulties in life, hearing this and that about her sons and daughters, experiencing seven children's different attitudes, each with various annoying personalities -_- And providing food to her husband and children. Facing her husband's growing older demands. All that, in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, for a lifetime.

Sometimes she can be irritating, but that's only what most children feel when they're in the process of being teenagers and grown-ups. Deep in our hearts, we love our mother unconditionally. I sincerely feel that way, and I think she's the person I love the most in this world. I'd be nothing without her. I don't talk much with her, I'm not an open person, but I will never break her heart on purpose T.T

Ummi doesn't spoil me the way Walid does, she never says "I love you" directly to any of her children but I guess words don't matter if she has already proved that she loves us with all her heart. Won't you feel obliged to have a mother, who will always, be by your side, bring you your favourite food whenever she visits you, give you shelter if you're ever being shut out by the whole world, accept what wrong you do, throw her arms wide open when you come crying for her because you're just so sad and disappointed with your life, and...won't you feel that way, to have a mother, who will always love you for who you are until the very end?

Please don't cry. I'm just saying. And teary-eyed.

May Allah shower all the mothers in the world with His love and mercy. What diamonds He has provided us with, our mothers. The angels of our hearts, who would really catch grenades for us. Love them endlessly, for without them... WE. ARE. NOTHING.


  1. <3333
    i love my ummi!!
    Eh tetiba*

  2. @Akeyla Azmi

    siapa tak sayang ibu dia..hihi <3

  3. Aaaaaaaa, you made me miss my mum :')

  4. @Farah Ask your mum to visit you in Canada heheeeeee :))))

  5. terharunya baca post ni T.T -AN


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