This is why I love them


So a few days ago I decided to get over my almost-two-year crush, Pb. I told my besties about that, and they were all like, "Oh good luck, Fiey!", "Ye la tu, Fiey..." Basically those two responses don't go along, but oh well, you know your friends when it comes to crush matters. Hahaha

This is our Whatsapp group, Epal Pink. Seriously I laughed like there's no tomorrow when Alya sent that knives icon, because before this she never forgot to include those knives when I mentioned Pb. See, how can I love Pb if all my besties don't like me liking him! And that's why they're the best xD

Then I pretended that I'd found someone else, that was when Kakti tweeted me something and I posted it on my Facebook as a status.

I have no idea why it came to that. Those comments had nothing to do with the status! xD Dan aku tak tahu sejak bila Kakti suka sangat jagung. She's a number one fan of jagung now. Maybe on her next birthday we'll buy her a corn cake *ewwwwwwwwwwww*

We were also chatting, when Alya said RK's name. It's not Rukh Khan, OK -_- So I made a happy frog face and sent all those lovey-dovey emoticons I could get and Kakti was like, "Fiey jangan galok sangat boleh dok," mwehehehe ;p

 This is why I love them. Thanks for being here, girls.

I know we won't be together, this close, any longer. It's just a matter of time before university life reaps that away. We're not going to take the same courses, be at the same university. We have different aims of our own, so there's no way we're not going to get separated. (but again, takdir Allah who knows kan? :'))

But I'll always value this friendship, this rubbish and nonsense-talking with them, no seriousness, just us, being us because it's only when we are together that we can be ourselves. I wish we have more time together.

Seriously, though, I love you guys xxx