Day 3: Your Favourite Series


I'm so excited with today's challenge!


Day 3: My favourite series

Of course it goes to.............. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare!

It's a trilogy - Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess, in that order.

I can't help but fell helplessly in love with William Herondale because he was too asdfghjkl too much sufferings, too many complications. William Herondale, a tortured soul T___________T

The heroine in the series is Theresa Palmer Gray. She was torn between two boys, Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs and they were undoubtedly both charming and everything for Tessa. And those two boys were Parabatai, a link that bounded them together as brothers in battle/action.

It's a world of Shadowhunters, set long before The Mortal Instruments.


Their love triangle relationship was like if Tessa chose Will, Will and Tessa themselves would be against it because they wouldn't want to hurt Jem (who was already sick to death, but he didn't die, okay). And then Jem was asking Will to go after Tessa and arghhhh you have to read the books to understand!

Tessa was irrevocably in love with both of the boys. I know, some said that it's impossible to love two persons at one, but.... I don't know. I really don't.

Jem didn't know that Will loved Tessa, but Will knew Jem loved Tessa because Jem was then engaged to Tessa and Tessa accepted because Jem was dying and oh well she loved Jem but in the mean time she loved Will, too, and everyone knows that Tessa loved Will first!

(okay it's complicated)

But in the end, I don't know. If Will or Jem had won. I clearly can't decipher, but I guess the ending was steady and happy.

The series is not just interesting because of the strong love between the three, but mostly about who/what Tessa really was. It was an agonizing two books to finally know what Tessa really was. I cried most of the time because there were betrayals that were too much to bear, the sufferings and sacrifices that had to be made. Ridiculous T_T

There are Team Will (which I obviously am with) and Team Jem (I don't like Jem that much because I think he sort of took Tessa from Will, whatever). Well, after reading the last book, Clockwork Princess, screw both the teams. :')))

Just go read them, purchase these books online on This really is an awesome series, and it will forever be my favourite. You'll love William, Tessa and Jem, and you will absolutely feel like you yourselves are torn between William and Jem. As if you are Tessa.

p/s: I'm cheating on this challenge. If you hadn't notice yet x'D


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