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Recently, I went to Kaklong Ainul's house to hang out with my best beloved frozenated girls, Syafiqah, Sofiah, Kakti, Alya and of course 'Ainul (takkan pergi rumah Kaklong 'Ainul tapi 'Ainul takdak pulak wakaka). Kaklong's a doctor, so that day she went to work for a full day and that left 'Ainul alone :'( So as the best companions in the whole universe to her (okay I'm exaggerating), we decided to go to Kaklong's house, yay!

Of course la memula tak kenal rumah Kaklong kat mana, but in the end we found 'Ainul waiting for us by the roadside -.-" Because we're suckers for directions and dahlah masuk jalan salah. There was a beautiful villa with its name plastered in front of the house, dan masa on the phone with 'Ainul, asyik duk tanya, "Vila Desa tahu?" of course she was clueless sebab villa tu kat jalan lain. Kekeke

And it didn't help that these kids kept shouting and screaming, "Ainul!", "Villa Desa!", "Kat mana Nuuuu?" and we ended up laughing and 'Ainul frustrated -_-

I brought along my Dad's LCD so that we could watch movies on the big screen (which there wasn't any screen at Kaklong's house, but there were plenty of empty walls, so we sort of used one of them as the screen). Upon entering the house, our voices echoed. And I was about to, "Hello?! Echo echo echo!" but Sofiah made me shut up -__________-

Aku semangat gila nak memasak, lol. Before reaching 'Ainul's house, Syafiqah, Sofiah and I went shopping for some groceries - for spaghetti and mushroom soup's ingredients. We asked Alya to bring some onions and garlic (sebab ada budak tuh nak gi beli beberapa biji bawang merah dan selabu bawang putih je kat Mydin lepas tu kena bebel dengan makcik-makcik berkenaan).

I also phoned Kakti to bring tomatoes.

Aku: Ti, bawak tomato.
Kakti: Nak berapa?
Aku: 3 bijik ok dah.
Kakti: Tapi saya ada 2 bijik je......
Aku: Bawak jelahh yang mana ada tu! -_-"

Sadlyf, Ti, sadlyf. xD

Time bebudak tu tengah cari movie nak tengok (which turned out they didn't find any -.-), aku terus gi dapur siang bawang ya Allah bagusnya Fatin Athirah Azmi sekarang volunteerkan diri ke dapur untuk memasak bagusnyaa terharuuuuuuuuuuuuu :')

Puiiiii! xD

Then, Syafiqah joined me in to cook her mushroom soup, 'Ainul helping me with the spaghetti and all. So we cooked, cooked, cooked until Syafiqah's mushroom soup tasted off, and then they (Sofiah and Syafiqah since the mushroom soup was their recipe) remembered they didn't buy kiub ayam or something, lepas tu keluar pergi beli. I stayed put with my spaghetti sauce (yang terlebih bawang, ops! xD) and 'Ainul did some kitchen cleaning, Sofiah babying the mushroom soup.

I fried some cheese balls and Piah gave me a sinister laugh because the minyak was exploding or something -.-" I am, actually, not fond of frying things so I handed the job to 'Ainul/Piah and went to the living room to catch up with my laptop. I was done cooking.

Lepas tu, Syafiqah, Kakti and Alya balik dari kedai with the kiub ayam and the soup was superb. We ate (I didn't actually feel like eating so I ate only a little, I usually don't feel hungry after cooking). Syafiqah was foreverrrrr hungry, I think if there was a zombie apocalypse she would still be hungry. I favoured the cheese balls so much, sooooooo I ate them most than my friends, uhuks!

Oh the beverage was bandung cincau (no one got to eat the cincau because it sank to the bottom of the jug --").

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While eating we browsed out some movies (and tried to watch one or two of them but ended up stopping in the middle of the movies sebab entah apa-apa cerita, tak paham langsung -_-). We ended up watching Paku (by we, I mean Alya and I alone because the others were either gossiping, cleaning the kitchen (this is 'Ainul, of course xD) stalking people's Instagrams using MY phone oh well).

Tapi last sekali semua tengok cerita Paku tu dengan penuh rasa mengarut. I mean, annoying gila kot cerita, ridiculous. I read somewhere on the internet the movie was a little bit of a Twilight-biased, but! Seriously, mengarut. Mind blown pun ada jugak. But in the end it was quite sad, so okay.

After Paku, we watched the best movie ever, FROZEN!!!


Everyone fell in love with Olaf, of course. And instantly they want Elsa, Elsa, Elsa (probably because she has magical powers), but I'm with Anna because she's a princess, not a Queen. Lol.

And um, I don't like Elsa that much because she's........blonde. Kay.

I'm not being racist but I've never liked any blondes or blonds! I prefer dark-haired people :3

Even elsa cant

Wait, what? Where did this come from -_-

Do you wan't to build a snowman?

I thought my friends wouldn't love Frozen, but they did and they do! Piah cakap Hans macam monyet pada awalnya (Piah ke Kakti? xD). Well he deserves it because he's a jerk. Fine I shipped him and Anna, then him and Elsa but he's just a meaningless dork. Zzzzt.

After finishing Frozen, all of us went home and mak 'Ainul datang bawak 'Ainul pergi beli barang dapur. So that was the end of our happiest moment in life. InsyaAllah ada masa buat lagi, best masak masak!

Baiiiiiiiiii~ :3


  1. Sweet nya spend time sama-sama dengan kawan :D


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