My SPM result - 0913

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.


I hoped for straight As, tapi inilah rezeki yang Allah bagi. Alhamdulillah. This is my biggest achievement so far, tak pernah dapat 10A pun sepanjang di form 4 atau form 5. The most As I got before was for trial SPM, 8As. Itu pun A+ hanya ada dua sahaja. And.......

I NEVER GOT PAST C+ for Biology, and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa I got a solid A for Biology in SPM.

I was hoping for straight As, yes, but if it turned out I didn't, I was aiming for Physics or Syariah Islamiah that would shatter the straight As' dream. DIDN'T EXPECT FOR CHEMISTRY, THOUGH!!!!!

And when I told everyone my result, they were expecting me to answer the B to be Biology, yeah, me, too, me, too -_- But truth be told, I was scared for all the science subjects and subjek agama -_- So, you see, I didn't dare to hope for an A+ for Arabic, but.......... Alhamdulillah. I'm more than delighted.

For the first time in forever....I got an A for Bio.... For the first time in forever.... Lol!

My school has 35 straight As students and 31 10As students. Our names were announced and we were required to take our slips from the PKHEM on the stage. So, basically people know how many As we got. The best student goes to Raihanah, my twin (sadly our results don't resemble twins at all, k). 10A+ with a single A - Biology (only 7 people managed to get A+ on the sacred subject lololol)

Piah and Piqah and Auni and me are among the 31 students. Alya? Of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she's one of the 35, huhhhhh! xD

I'm more than happy to get 10As but of course, I'm not entirely satisfied. I mean, a single subject stands in the way of me getting straight As. *sighs* And my parents' expectations, my family's... It's overbearing and being the last hope for my family doesn't help, k.

But nevertheless, I'm grateful. I'm gonna be okay. Time will heal, I guess. I've accepted my result with an open heart, but I think my parents need some time...

Congratulations to all of us, whether the results are good or bad, but we'd tried our best! I needn't to say anything to those straight As students, you already know what to do and the future welcomes you ahead with open arms :D But to those who didn't get straight As, you had done okay. It's not the end of the world (tho it somehow feels that way sometimes aher)

If you believe in yourselves, believe in what you can really do, you'll be amazing in the next ten years. Getting straight As is just happiness on the result day and a few days after, trust me. Plus the money or presents you will get, hehehehe!

Please have faith in yourselves, you will be great. You will.

Be grateful. :)


  1. waahh tahniah awak. result gempak gila. harap harap result saya pun camni T.T

  2. congrats kak. bangga dengan akak tau! :) hehe.. hari ambik result, malam, kak fifiey msuk tv3. haha.. sy nmpak kak fifiey..

  3. Oh my god! Alhamdulilah. Congrats Fifiey! This is awesome :D

    Your result is way better than me! More At+, higher grade on G-CEO

  4. @Anis Farhana thanks :) insyaAllah you will get better result than me. just focus! ^^

    @Anis Syahirah terima kasih, anis x) jangan aaa malu tauuuuuuuuuuuu, I saw myself on TV, too. Dohla tongkat dagu xD

    @Farah thank you so much, Farah. couldn't thank Allah more :') erm...what's G-CEO? -_-

  5. G-CEO yang dekat SPM slip tu, grade untuk English subject ikut standard O-Level (UK/Commonwealth countries standard).

  6. Congrats kak! Result yang baik tu! :D Teruskan pencapaian ya!

  7. @Farah ohhh I get it :D my teacher mentioned it, too.. hehe :3

    @Niena Reen , thankssss :3


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